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Posted 02/14/2023 by Marmm Klinik

Male Pattern Baldness And Norwood Hair Scale

Male Pattern Baldness And Norwood Hair Scale

Hair loss is common in men and women. When it is genetic and affects the scalp of a man, it is called male pattern baldness or permanent hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is a steady process. However, you will experience signs like hair thinning and more hair on the comb but a bald scalp will be visible after several years. 

Most patients do not know that it is possible to notice hair loss without the help of a hair specialist in Indore. However, a hair doctor has the proper skills and qualifications to check your scalp but you may observe some clear signs. 

Pattern baldness follows a specific pattern when it affects the scalp of a hair loss patient. Therefore, it is possible to detect its progression. Experts have divided the progression of baldness into seven main stages. This measurement scale is called the Norwood scale. 

In this blog, we will talk about the Norwood scale. 

What is the Norwood scale?

The Norwood scale is an effective tool to measure the progression of male pattern baldness. In fact, male pattern baldness or permanent hair loss does not affect the entire scalp at the same time. it follows a significant pattern that beings in a specific region of the scalp and reach other areas steadily. 

Male patients notice initial signs of hair thinning and hair loss in the hairline area. Generally, the hairline recedes around the temporal region. 

In the next steps, the temporal region and the crown area experience severe hair loss to create a large bald scalp in the scalp. 

This process is divided into 7 main stages according to the Norwood scale. 


Norwood scale is used by your doctor when you visit the hair clinic in Indore for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

The Norwood scale is a set of seven stages of male pattern baldness. Every next stage of the scale shows additional information about the progression of baldness on the scalp. 

According to this scale, the progression of male pattern baldness shows the following seven phases:

Phase 1:

This phase shows a full head of hair with no initial signs of hair loss. Your hairline will always remain stable at this stage if you are not a victim of hair loss. 

Phase 2:

At this stage, you may observe a slight recession of the hairline at the temporal area. The beholders will observe an M-shaped hairline at this stage. So, this is a mild but clearly visible stage of hair loss. 

Phase 3: 

You will observe a clear M or V shape at this stage. The hair loss will be more obvious at the temples. Moreover, hair loss will start in the crown area at the same time. 

Phase 4: 

At this stage, the hair loss in the temples is more severe and hair loss in the crown area will be more visible to the beholders. 

Phase 5:

as the hair loss in the temples and crown area progresses, a thin layer of hair separates the hair loss in the body areas. This layer is more thinly day by day and the patient will witness soon phase 6. 

Phase 6:

The separation between the hair loss in the temples and crown area is not visible and both areas have made a large bald area, making a horseshoe shape on the scalp. 

Phase 7: 

A thin layer of hair remains at the backside of the head to show the peak stage of male pattern baldness. 

If you observe these signs, you need to visit the best hair transplant clinic in Indore as soon as possible to get proper treatment.

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