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Posted 12/18/2022 by Design Inferno Glass

Melbourne Splashbacks Colour Ideas for a Warmer Kitchen

Melbourne Splashbacks Colour Ideas for a Warmer Kitchen

The installation of new Melbourne splashbacks in a kitchen will unquestionably transform the room's aesthetic and ambience. If you want them to seem like they belong in your kitchen, the colour you choose is crucial. It is possible to make a huge impact by improving the ambience of a room in your home by utilising warm colours such as red, orange, yellow, or beige. This may be done. Because of their association with warmer temperatures (fire and the sun), warm-colored walls make a room seem cosier and more personal.

Splashbacks and other kitchen fixtures painted in warm tones set the mood and encourage interaction because of their comforting and energising tones. If you and your loved ones spend a lot of time speaking at the kitchen table, warm colours like red, orange, or yellow can be the perfect choice for your walls. Additionally, the human eye is drawn to warm colours because of their effect on the appetite.

Combining and contrasting colours is encouraged for Melbourne splashbacks

But it's not only the colours themselves that make a difference. Remember that how you pair them with other shades and materials makes a big difference in the room's ambience as well. Another difference that may be made is between colours that have a warm undertone (such as red or yellow) and colours that have a cool undertone (such as blue or green).

The mood of a space may also be altered by its lighting. For example, yellowish lights set against warm walls provide an impression of cleanliness and freshness. In addition, if your kitchen doesn't receive a great deal of natural light, repainting the walls in comforting colours may help compensate for the absence of brightness and make the area seem more pleasant. Here, we'll examine some of the key design factors to keep in mind when deciding to decorate your kitchen with warm colours.

Warmer colour suggestions for Melbourne splashbacks

1. Yellow Melbourne splashbacks for happiness and positivity 

Yellow, a colour that is often connected with happy thoughts and the sun, has the power to instantly brighten the environment around it. It's important to choose the right shade of yellow for your Melbourne splashbacks, as it is with any warm colour. Yellows with overtones of green or blue give off an impression of being fresh and tidy. Similarly, yellows with undertones of red or orange give off the impression of being considerably more inviting. Yellows that are closer to mustard are better if you want a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. On the other hand, lemon yellows are better if you want to stimulate the senses.

A custom colour can have a greenish undertone and pair well with the cool grey and white palette. Complementary warm and cold tones may coexist without causing discord. But the underlying tones of each hue must complement rather than clash.

2. Aubergine for a cosy feeling

The kitchen is a tough space to decorate since it needs either warm or cold colours, but purple could be the solution. A good example of a hybrid shade is the colour purple. It can be created by combining the colours red and blue. Purple may be viewed either positively or negatively depending on the context. Magenta and maroon, for example, look warmer because they include a larger percentage of red than most other colours. A purple like violet or lavender, where the blue component is more pronounced, will have a chillier appearance than a genuine blue.

Without being too noticeable or deviating too much from the room's general monochromatic decor, all Melbourne splashbacks in a rich eggplant colour offer a cosy and welcoming ambience.

3. Red to create a dynamic contrast

It's no accident that Coca-Cola cans are a vivid shade of red with orange overtones. This colour combination is known to stimulate the senses. They shine in bright spaces, and the contrast they produce with white cabinetry makes the room seem even more energetic. Bright red kitchen Melbourne splashbacks in your house can be exactly what you need to jump-start your day if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

With the off-white cabinetry and the black oven, a hue that is just a hair darker works well. On the other hand, this color's general warmth works brilliantly in a room with only modest natural light because of its ability to offset the cooler tones of the surrounding environment.

4. Brown and beige

Browns and beige are the colours that are the most inviting to the eye. Because of their sometimes neutralising yellow or orange undertone, they are commonly used in interior design. Additionally, to complement lighter hues like coral and blush pink, beige also goes nicely with darker hues like burnt orange, burgundy, and mustard. When paired with other warm tones, like mustard, burgundy, or burnt orange, chocolate brown is a stunning colour.

There is a wide range of brown-based colours available for Melbourne splashbacks, which contrast well with the white cabinets and hardwood countertop.

5. Orange for greatest versatility

Some research suggests that exposure to the colour orange stimulates hunger, which may explain the prevalence of orange furnishings in cafes and restaurants. Since it is less intense than red while still being energising, we also find it useful in the kitchen. We believe it works so effectively in part because of this. Furthermore, its practicality is extraordinary. A softer, more natural vibe may be achieved by combining this shade with moss green and mauve. On the other hand, a strong, exotic vibe can be achieved by combining this shade with hot pink and turquoise. It also works nicely with other bright and exotic hues, such as hot pink and turquoise.

Still, you might be a little confused about the colour selection for Melbourne splashbacks. Talk to your interior designer for more expert advice. 

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