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Microsoft is a generally great workplace

To start with the obvious: Yes, it is viscerally frustrating for WoTLK Gold actors to be rewarded in society. It feels unjust. We have a cosmic sense that karma isn't supposed to behave this way. So the attention that Kotick has on his pay is perfectly acceptable. In the event that the allegations of his personal responsibility for failing to confront a culture that has been characterized by harassment and abuse is real, it's human to get riled up over the idea that a salary is heading his way as a reward for supporting the atmosphere that has led to the many reports of toxicity in Activision Blizzard and then stubbornly refusing to step aside.

To offer a thousand-foot view, though, Bobby Kotick is already obscenely rich, with a net worth that is estimated at $870 million. This is a huge amount of wealth that's hard to wrap one's mind around. It's enough money to last hundreds of years without working a single day. This is before you account for how interest and investment can themselves produce all the money that you'll ever require to be able to live comfortably. The large payout that probably will be waiting for Kotick when he's done with the acquisition isn't likely to make his life significantly simpler than it already be. Based on SEC documents, he'd most likely receive a significant payment of up to $260 million upon leaving the company regardless of whether an acquisition had occurred or otherwise. This is a classic case of the rich getting wealthier. His accumulation of even more money is an issue as an issue of principle, not just because of practicality.

However the acquisition may be the perfect opportunity for Activision Blizzard to make meaningful, substantial improvements to workplace conditions in the workplace and to studio's cultural aspects. Microsoft is a big firm with uniform structures designed to limit workplace harassment, and we've never heard of any evidence that its management has permitted abuses that are similar to the ones at Activision Blizzard in severity or the scale. From a majority of accounts, Microsoft is a generally great workplace, particularly as compared to the firm that it has recently acquired. Having that culture in place and having cheap WoTLK Gold  at in the upper echelons of an organizational power pyramid is likely to help get rid of bad actors and establish clearer standards for behaviour.

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