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Must see! Do you know the horrible truth about marijuana? _ Drugs

Originally published as Must see! Do you know the horrible truth about marijuana? Last year, the news that Maple Leaf announced the "legalization" of marijuana broke the circle of friends, once again pushing marijuana into the public's eyes. As a result, many people think that the legalization of marijuana means that it is less harmful and that it is OK to smoke marijuana. Xiao Bian is here to tell you seriously, no matter what happens in other countries, in our country: marijuana is always a drug, we must always insist on resisting it! So what kind of harm does marijuana do to us? Let Xiaobian take you into marijuana, understand marijuana.. 1 The history of marijuana Hemp is an annual mulberry herb native to India. It has been cultivated for more than five thousand years and has a wide range of early uses. Hemp stalks, which are rich in coarse fibers, can be used as raw materials for hemp rope and linen, and hemp seeds can be used as food. As early as 100 AD, Shen Nong's Classic of Materia Medica in China described the use of cannabis as follows: "Eating too much makes people see ghosts and walk crazily, and taking it for a long time can lighten the body."; In Norse mythology, Freya, the goddess of love and beauty, is believed to have lived in marijuana stamens, which people of that era believed could be used to talk to the goddess during the harvest season (actually a mental symptom caused by auditory hallucinations caused by marijuana). Therefore, before people had a more scientific understanding of marijuana, it was considered to be a magical herb, often used as an auxiliary material for religious ceremonies. In fact, these feelings, which seem to be able to talk to the gods, are the effects of marijuana hallucinations. Expand the full text 2 Medicinal value of hemp Medically, cannabis is often used to assist in the treatment of some terminal diseases (cancer, AIDS), to increase appetite, to relieve pain, to relieve neurological symptoms such as glaucoma, epilepsy, migraine, and bipolar mood instability, and to alleviate nausea in chemotherapy patients. Although medical marijuana is politically controversial, doctors often informally recommend it to patients. A synthetic form of the active ingredient in marijuana, THC (called Dronabinol or Marinol), is openly prescribed in many countries. THC also has the effect of reducing arterial blockages. Sativex, a sublingual spray made from cannabis extract, is licensed in Canada to treat multiple sclerosis and can be legally imported into the UK and Spain as a prescription drug. 3 The dangers of marijuana Heavy or long-term use of cannabis can cause serious damage to human health: (1) Cause mental disorders. Overdose can lead to unconsciousness, anxiety, depression, hostility, impulse or suicidal will. Chronic marijuana use can induce insanity, paranoia, and delusions. (2) Damage to memory and behavioral ability. Marijuana abuse can reduce brain memory, hemp extraction centrifuge ,cbd crystallization equipment, attention, calculation and judgment, and make people think slowly, dull and confused. Long-term smoking can also cause degenerative encephalopathy. (3) Affect the immune system. Smoking marijuana can destroy the body's immune system, resulting in low cellular and humoral immune function, vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections, so marijuana smokers suffer more from oral tumors. (4) Smoking marijuana can cause tracheitis, pharyngitis, asthma attack, laryngeal edema and other diseases. Smoking a marijuana cigarette has a 10 times greater impact on lung function than a cigarette. (5) Affect the coordination of movement. Excessive smoking of marijuana can impair the coordination of muscle movement, resulting in standing balance disorder, hand tremor, loss of complex operation ability and the ability to drive motor vehicles. 4 Marijuana "legalized" countries October 17, 2018, is a day that Canada is destined to go down in history. On that day, Canada became the first major economy in the world to fully legalize marijuana! Why would Canada legalize marijuana? In fact, the Canadian government began to regulate marijuana from the beginning of its emergence in Canada. The North American hippie culture movement in the 1970s, drug abuse and liberating sex, influenced generations of young people in North America. From 1968 to 1972, the number of marijuana arrests across Canada rose from 25 a year to a staggering 12000. But at the same time, the Canadian government's hallucinogenic drug control bill has not been updated. Such ambiguous new regulations undoubtedly provide an opportunity for the spread of cannabis throughout Canada. From the '70s, so-called recreational marijuana became popular across Canada. Let's take a look at a set of survey data in 2015: In Canada, with a population of only 36.71 million, about 4.9 million people have used cannabis products, accounting for about 13% of the population. That year, Canada's marijuana black market was worth more than 6.2 billion Canadian dollars (about 32.9 billion yuan), and the total production of marijuana reached 697.5 tons. What's more shocking is that 6% of marijuana users are teenagers aged 15-17. Faced with this situation, the Canadian government has to put the discussion of marijuana control back on the agenda. But by this time, a simple "anti-drug one-size-fits-all" can no longer summarize the problem of marijuana. It is better for the government to be the boss, control the market and eliminate the black market. What is Canada like after the declaration of "marijuana legalization"? It is reported that in the days after the legalization of marijuana, there have been numerous cases of car accidents, fire harassment and violence caused by excessive use of marijuana across Canada. 5 Attitudes towards cannabis in our country Our country's attitude towards any drug, including marijuana, is "resolutely resist and severely punish", and there is no escape for drug-related crimes in our country. In 2018, under the overall command of the Drug Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and with the vigorous assistance of the public security organs of Hubei, Beijing, Yunnan and other provinces and cities, the Municipal Public Security Drug Control Department successfully cracked the Internet drug target cases supervised by the Ministry of Public Security, arrested 36 suspects, collected 1100 original cannabis plants and finished cannabis products. At one stroke, it destroyed the huge drug cultivation and trafficking network radiating more than 20 provinces throughout the country. Although cannabis has certain medicinal value in medicine, it is always an addictive substance, and its harm can not be underestimated. Its legalization in some countries may reduce public awareness of the dangers of cannabis to a certain extent, leading to an increase in the number of people using/abusing cannabis, but it is still firmly resisted in China. Therefore,decarboxylation after extraction, Xiaobian also appeals to everyone here: "Marijuana legal does not mean that marijuana is harmless", "Refuse drugs, everyone is responsible"! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com

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