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NBA 2K22: 5 Things It Gets Right

However, these games are usually underwhelming and not of a regular quality we'd expect from modern video games. A wrestling game designed around this type of role-playinginstead of simply adding it in as an added bonus, will certainly draw the attention of a lot of players, whether they are WWE 2K22 fans or not.

NBA 2K22: 5 Things It Gets Right

NBA 2K22 is another well-received game in the series due to many reasons but it also has some problems that will need to be corrected when 2K23 is released. There's no doubt about it that the reigning king of basketball games on video is the NBA 2K franchise.

It's been so successful that it has wiped out all competition, with gaming games like NBA Live taking years off to recover and not having the ability to compete with. Recently, the most recent entry launched in NBA 2K22.

Although it is the top basketball game available, that doesn't mean it's flawless. In fact, each year there's always some things the games could be better at. The same is true of NBA 2K22, which has several issues however, they have, obviously, got a lot right.

It's the largest issue confronting the video game industry today and it's present as a problem in NBA 2K22. Microtransactions are a source of frustration for gamers to the end. It's natural to be used here or there, but some games push it to far and force you to cover more than one aspect.

In NBA 2K22 players generally can't take any note in modes like MyTeam as well as play The City without having to pay extra money. It's tough to ask players to pay for several little things when they already have their $60 to play the game.

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