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NBA 2K23: The Best NBA Team to Pick for Centers

In the following section, as in our NBA 2K23 guide, are our best Center builds complete with the body Settings attributes such as Takeover, Body Settings, and Badges recommendations.This model is a new generation of Center. It is a stretch athlete that can be a dominant defensive player, yet is an exceptional shooter. The build can achieve a maximum 99 OVR rating and can be upgraded with 70 Badge Points. This includes 16 Finishing Badge Points as well as 19 Shooting Badges 7 Playmaking Badge Points, and 28 Defense / Rebounding Badge Points.

NBA 2K23: The Best NBA Team to Pick for Centers

Looking for the ideal NBA team to pick for Centers? After you've completed your Center build, you'll need to select an NBA team to be admitted to in order for you to get started on your MyCareer. While you're able to pick the team you like best if you'd like to, we do have some suggestions for those who are based on current rosters as well as how you could best fit them into your position:

Brooklyn Nets: When you've got Power Forward Kevin Durant and Point Guard Kyrie Irving on your team, you've got a chance. The problem for The Nets is that they need a powerful Center to take over the role of current starter Nic Claxton. There's a championship possibility here but the team is in need of an big.Charlotte Hornets: Current starting Center Mason Plumlee is not a good player by any means, but he's the weak link in a team which has superstar Point Guard LaMello ball as well as a decent support group. Take out Plumlee and take this rising team to the top of the league.

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