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NBA 2K23 The Playoffs Agenda is revealed and New Easter Locker Code

Despite the additions recently, 2K Games has its work cut out , with the latest problems that result in rewards not being delivered and the marketplace crashing. At present, players report that when they buy an item through the Auctions section and their game currency is deleted from their accounts, however the item doesn't appear in their inventory.

2K Games addressed the issue about its Zero Gravity agenda rewards and is announcing that they're accessible via the Unopened Packs section. Time will decide which Auctions section is given the recognition it deserves. Although NBA 2K23 Season 6 features plenty of content for players to take advantage of, it's being marginalized by the aforementioned issues that are making it difficult for players to stay invested.

NBA 2K23 The Playoffs Agenda is revealed and New Easter Locker Code

With the NBA Playoffs underway, 2K Games announces the Playoffs' new Program that will be available in NBA 2K23, rewarding players with new Dark Matter and Pink Diamond units. In the midst of NBA Playoffs starting on April 18th, NBA 2K23 unveils its new featured Agenda.

That's a sign of the start of the league's postseason. Playoffs Agenda: Playoffs Agenda hits the game just one week after Season 6: Zero Gravity Agenda was introduced, offering players a daily level-up to fight for.

The latest Agenda requires players to take on the Play-In's Lifetime Agenda Group for the possibility of acquiring some great rewards, like an item called Dark Matter plus 3 Pink Diamond units. The game NBA 2K23, items acquired can be used to boost clubs that are used in MyTeam to continue taking on the most challenging tasks, and receive more rewards.

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