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NBA 2K23 unveils details of the Takeoff 2 Pack

The NBA Playoffs are in full action and if you're hoping to get into some of the action on the court, NBA 2K23 has arrived on Xbox Game Pass this week. Users who are Xbox Game Pass members can download 2K's critically-acclaimed NBA game for no cost S and Xbox One. Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Basketball fans can keep track with each round of the NBA playoffs via MyTeam Mode and complete Agendas for their most memorable moments using The New Lifetime Agenda Groups. In doing this, you can be rewarded with Moment player cards.

MyTeam recently kicked off the sixth edition of Zero Gravity, but it's not too late to dive into the action and create your dream team of NBA superstars and legendary players. NBA 2K23 brings players from various basketball eras, and the iconic game mode is now available MyTeam Draft, a multiplayer tribute where players select an entire roster of players Cards to create their team.

There are many more modes available in NBA 2K23 that you can play, including MyCareer A personal journey through your basketball career, and MyNBA The game's franchise mode. For players on Xbox Series X|S, your MyCareer will be set at The City, a massive open-world in which you can finish your objectives and live your life as an NBA star. With Xbox One, you'll set sail on the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship which will include a variety of basketball games.

NBA 2K23 prides itself on providing the most authentic basketball simulation however I'm not sure anyone imagined a season where they Los Angeles Lakers, led by LeBron Jameswould not make the playoffs. And, of course, the Brooklyn Nets, with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are swept out of the first round. It's time to put the game in your own hands, and play the way you'd like to play and walk onto basketball court in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 Announces Takeoff 2 Pack Series, New Locker Code

NBA 2K23 unveils details of the Takeoff 2 Pack, three new units, and one Dark Matter item, along with a new redeemable locker code. New season for NBA 2K23 MyTeam is well going, and the constant stream of content in the game is bringing more curiosity among the player base. As it stands, Season 6: Zero Gravity is producing some of the top units in the game through the introduction of new series packs as well as challenges, and there's more nearing completion.

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