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Patch 9.2.5 has not yet been announced as any date

The launch of the new social contract is amidst an ongoing discrimination and harassment action on behalf of Activision Blizzard brought by the state of California which claims that the company has fostered an "frat boy" work environment. Activision Blizzard leadership's "tone deaf" response to these accusations led to the company's decision to walk out. Numerous lawsuits and investigations, such as an $18 million settlement to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, are also as a result of the initial state of California lawsuit.

As a result of the suit Blizzard began making numerous modifications to WoW and updated older game content and references to in-game which could be deemed "not suitable." It was later revealed that the WoW development team would then issue a statement explaining the need to update older and potentially harmful game content and references were an integral part of "building an inclusive and friendly gaming world."

Along with the Social Contract, Shadowlands patch 9.2.5 will also bring cross-faction play to the game in the very first instance, allowing players of both the Horde as well as the Alliance to form a group for raids, dungeons as well as other games. Patch 9.2.5 has not yet been announced as any date for release. Blizzard recently revealed WoW's next expansioncalled Dragonflight and will bring a new game-playable race, class as well as the brand new Dragon Isles region, along with changes to the system of the professions and talents. Dragonflight isn't even set with any release date yet, but an Amazon list for the prequel novel might give an indication of when it's expected to be released.It's been a while since we've discussed what's going to be coming to the next edition of World of Warcraft tbc , so here's a recap of the most recent blog posts by Blizzard regarding changes to the Shadowlands classes changes.

The entire 12 classes will have spells, abilities and abilities changed to ensure a balanced experience for everyone and reflect the new chapter in the story.

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