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Posted 07/15/2022

People talk about how levelling in WOW Classic is the very best thing

Flash forward to about three or four months past when Blizz redid the guild chat window and how you could look for guilds and I couldn't be more happier. We've since posted that we are a social, family friendly guild first and foremost. After some work of talking to people and interacting with them, then doing that together and slowly, getting them to open up to each other, then it has been unreal how well we're doing now. We've got a number of husband/wife teams that have kids and what not but we are starting to finally get conducts scheduled to the calendar that individuals may sign up for when they want to. We attempt to maintain guild pressure off individuals since the last thing I want is just another job away from my real one.

We've created a guild Discord station that people can chat to out of WoW and I continue to just post random crap on the board in order to help draw people in. I started playing WoW as it was fun, I stayed playing due to the friends I would eventually make and finally getting back to that has made WOW Classic fun again.

We're a horde guild that's on Dethecus (and 6/7 merged servers) and guild name is Hallows Eve. We are NOT a raiding guild although we do have a few that run lfr's together. We're starting to conduct Mythics and random BG's collectively but it's all optional. This is all about getting people that work and have family's that don't feel pressured to"having" to log into to perform anything unless they wish to. Guild chat is generally pretty active and it's about just being on.

Its not because of the WOW players playing WOW Classic though. It's because WOW Classic right now is designed to be precisely that, a somewhat convoluted selfish RPG experience with barely any MMO in it at all. It's fucking annoying that blizzard forgot exactly what MMO stands to get in their game and they've decided to basically ditch the community aspect of WOW Classic. Even worse is that they have started doing it back at anger of the king. They've gone so far down the rabbit hole they would need to literally re do the entire match to make it plausible as an mmo.

The only thing you"need" a guild for is to do raiding, and even then if you're a godlike raid leader you can get pugs in a discord machine and voila, you're experiencing what a guild is. And today shadowlands, certain torghast is awesome, basically a rogue like adventure in a match, but 90% of the so called community will just do it solo, because it's less struggle, because it's theoretically easier because you only have to manage what you do. Meaning they have created a different single player experience among the core mechanics of their new xpac.

People talk about how levelling in WOW Classic is the very best thing, fuck off, it's really the people around you, some are dicks, a few you make friends with and a few you just play WOW Classic for to be about. Many people in retail are NPCs, even fucking worse than NPCs because together you must interact after, with nearly all the WOW players that you do not need to. And yeah sure you need interaction doing end game top tier content like shoving +20's and doing top 100 mythic raids, which leaves 90 percent of WOW Classic catered towards single player experience.

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