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Posted 12/03/2022 by Masterpiece Smiles

Physiotherapy and COVID 19

Physiotherapy and COVID 19

Patients who have experienced an infection with COVID 19 with varying degrees of pneumonia and adynamia are in great need of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Severe lung infection, total immobilization, additional cardiovascular complications, and side effects of therapy cause shortness of breath, easy fatigability, and weakness in these patients. Physiotherapy offers help for these patients with the application of natural methods - magnetotherapy and kinesitherapy. 

Patients undergo a course of therapy with the High-Intensity Magnet SIS-super inductive system - min. 10 procedures applied every other day, 10 procedures with a low-intensity magnet, 10 pulmonary rehabilitation and active individual kinesitherapy against muscle weakness and adynamia.  

The goal of therapy with the Super Inductive System is myostimulation of weakened muscles - diaphragm, intercostal muscles and strengthening of blood circulation as a prevention / minimization of lung fibrosis.

Respiratory gymnastics is a complex of breathing exercises that prevent and treat respiratory failure, helping the body to efficiently use all anatomical and functional mechanisms that oppose its occurrence.

Active kinesitherapy stimulates all structures of the musculoskeletal system, improves blood circulation and restores the body's muscle strength. 

From the patients who have undergone this therapy, we conclude that this therapy fulfills its ultimate goal:

Returning patients to a normal way of life and work.

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