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Posted 01/28/2023 by Resorts By The Baagh

Plan A Grand Destination Wedding In Jim Corbett

Plan A Grand Destination Wedding In Jim Corbett

The idyllic landscapes of Jim Corbett have been a traveller’s favourite from times unknown. The joys of traversing the marshy slopes of the dense and decadent forest are truly unparalleled. However, do you know what Jim Corbett is most famous for? Adventurous wildlife safari! If you love watching rare and endangered wildlife thrive in their natural habitat, there’s definitely no place better than Corbett National Park. Also known as a home for the fierce Royal Bengal Tiger, tourists from across the globe drop in to tour the beautiful forested reserve. Besides, why just wildlife? The scenic hill views and acres of lush and dense forest appear as a coveted destination of choice among to-be-weds. So, if you are thinking of a destination wedding in Jim Corbett, you are certainly in for a picturesque treat. 

The goods of planning a lavish wedding in the wilderness of Corbett

The wilderness of Corbett offers the most beautiful backdrops to host lavish and dreamy weddings. What’s more, it is one of the rare places in the country where extending a wedding affair into a week-long holiday is easy. Not sure how? Let’s explain! 

Weddings are tedious affairs. Also, destination weddings are way more chaotic and stressful. Think about it – from finalising a venue and reviewing a stay to hospitality, catering, décor, and more, there are a zillion chores to keep your minds busy when planning an offbeat destination wedding in jim corbett. Wouldn’t you love a respite from this hustle and bustle and go easy on yourself on a calming but fun vacation? Why travel more? Jim Corbett is a perfect destination for pretty weddings and incredible holidays. 

Besides, what’s particularly new about hosting a lavish wedding in a place you’ve been living for years? Give your guests a wedding to talk about. Opt for a memorable jim corbett wedding today. 

The mandatory wedding checklist

Should you be indecisive about picking a venue for your big day? Absolutely not! A Jim Corbett wedding or any other destination wedding, planning prior is key. Let’s quickly scroll through the musts of a wedding checklist, especially when pulling together a big fat destination wedding. 

1. Venue 

Believe it or not, last-minute options are no good. Always start scouting for a property at least 8-12 months in advance. This gives you ample time to do your research, weigh your options, and finally, narrow in on a destination venue of your choice. 

Speaking of venues, a name that has been quite a trend and favourite in recent times is Resorts By The Baagh. The beautiful and expansive resort greets all into a world of opulent aura, warm hospitality, and fine and upbeat stays. Moreover, the luxury premise features a massive pillarless banquet, one of the best in the far-off wilds of Corbett. What’s more, the idyllic views and soaring Himalayan scapes make a wedding or any joyous celebration even more picture-perfect. In addition to the ethereal views, the 5-star resort offers the most proficient and well-equipped staff to wrap up your narrative of a dream wedding with a big and bright smile. 

2. Amenities and infrastructure to host events on a grand-scale

Could you pull off a wedding in a destination that’s deserted of amenities and the needful infrastructure? Definitely not! You always need an army of professionals to manage and execute the ins and outs of gala pre-wedding and wedding affairs. 

Furthermore, Resorts By The Baagh is home to ace and well-trained professionals to take care of your exorbitant wedding plans. Are you looking to reward your guests with an experiential Destination Wedding in jim corbett ? Treat your close guests with exceptional culinary feasts, top-notch décor, luxury stays, the best outdoor view, and unparalleled hospitality. 

3. Transport and logistics 

It is no surprise that weddings demand pick-ups, drops, and transfers. Always stay abreast of your arrangements, especially transport and concierge. Wondering why? Well, it ensures that your guests pop in all happy and smiling. 

4. Food and beverage

Is it even a wedding without rounds of tasty and amazing delicacies on the pass? Definitely not! Despite a resort’s capacity to cater incredibly delicious foods, without a good and big-size team, catering events like weddings are a far cry. 

Hence, don’t shy away from entrusting the staff at Resorts By The Baagh. As a popular pick for a destination wedding in Jim Corbett, the staffs have the experience, craft, and know-how to host hundreds of guests. The upscale resort lays out a buffet of local and international cuisines for your guests to enjoy. 

To sum up, when thinking of hosting a destination wedding in jim corbett, always keep your checklist handy. Also, don’t settle for anything ordinary. Relish the best wedding experiences at Resorts By The Baagh.

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