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Players to return to Azeroth to assist in rebuilding the dragonflights

What's in store for Dragonflight WoTLK Gold is a new playable race called the Dracthyr and a brand-new class that is exclusive to the Dracthyr, called the Evoker. Also, the game will introduce the Dragonriding mechanic, which will make the Dragon Isles region more engaging as well as significant reworks of the game's talent game and the professions. WoW: Dragonflight does not have a release date, with Blizzard adopting an "when it's done" method to the expansion.

After months of rumours, anticipation, with leaks Blizzard has finally announced World of Warcraft its ninth expansion, Dragonflight. Expectations were high and even though there are that there are some players who were disappointed by the announcement, the vast majority of fans are more than pleased.

Dragonflight will allow players to return to Azeroth to assist in rebuilding the dragonflights, and will introduce a new dragon race, the Dracthyr, that is available only as the new Evoker class. The new expansion allows players to navigate the new Dragon Isles region from the beginning with a new Dragonriding mechanic, and the expansion is putting an emphasis on improving universal game systems like talents, professions, and even the user interface over using one-off system as is the case for the past several expansions.

A lot of the bullet points pertain to things that fans have been querying questions about all through the years. There won't be "borrowed power" systems like in Shadowlands. There's no travel to another dimension or beyond the boundaries of space. The expansion is focused on high-fantasy Azeroth, which is what fans have been demanding for. The expansion brings back of many fan-favorite NPC races, like Gnolls, Tuskarr, and Centaurs. The game also introduces a brand-new fan-favorite character: buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold , the stone-man who is featured in the film adaptation who sets off the beacon that brings back to the Dragon Isles.

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