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Poland immigration services

Poland immigration services

Those moving to Poland can benefit from the professional services of our immigration lawyers who specialize in organizing various branches in the area. This is highly recommended, as the legal procedures through which a person can immigrate to Poland may differ depending on the nationality of the citizen.

Polish immigration law covers many aspects and outlines the procedures available to those who wish to settle here permanently, as well as those who wish to work or study in the country for a longer period of time, but also defines the legal aspects: asylum seekers. move here. Given the many steps in the process, as a foreigner it is best to be represented in Poland by our immigration legal team. We can also advise on Polish citizenship.

What basic immigration services are available in Poland?

Our team of Polish immigration lawyers is ready to provide legal assistance and legal representation to individuals immigrating here for various purposes, their family members, foreign businessmen who want to do business in Poland or local companies interested in hiring foreign workers. Some of the key Poland immigration services we can provide include:

• Obtaining a work permit for non-European Union citizens and other categories of persons;

• residence permit application. it can be issued for work or family reunification purposes and can be used by both EU and non-EU nationals;

• Visa application and legal advice on embassy procedures for people.

• Legal assistance for registration with local authorities, which is necessary for all foreigners living and working here.

• Assistance in the acquisition and legalization of various documents in accordance with Polish legislation.

If you want to immigrate and apply for a residence permit in Poland, our team of immigration lawyers is ready to help.

How can we help you get a residence permit in Poland?

One of the most requested documents for Polish immigrants is the residence permit, which is a document that gives the right to live in the country as a foreigner. To obtain this document, the applicant must prepare several documents that are processed by the local authorities within a certain period (the process may take several months).

Our Polish immigration lawyers will provide you with information on what type of documents you need to prepare in this case. Our team will guide you through the registration process and help you with other legal issues related to your residence permit. For example, our lawyers can provide legal advice on the procedures to be followed after the documents have expired or for those who need to make various changes to their residence permit, such as a change of address.

Depending on the applicant's nationality (separated between EU and non-EU nationals), we advise on formalities with local authorities and represent our clients in obtaining residence permits for family members of such persons. and apply for Polish citizenship.

Immigration to Poland from EU countries

Due to the number of companies operating in Poland, the number of citizens of EU countries has increased in the last few years. As a result of the expansion, the demand for labor also increased, which conditioned the migration of citizens of many neighboring countries here.

For those who have already received job offers from Polish companies, our lawyers can provide personalized assistance if they decide to act on new job offers.

Our Polish immigration lawyers can check job opportunities and assist those starting the relocation process. We can advise you on what requirements they need to meet when signing an employment contract, and we can even sign a tenancy or rental agreement once they have found suitable accommodation. Then, once they enter the country, we can help them register with the local authorities.

As many EU citizens already know, immigrating to Poland from another member state is simple and easy, meaning that moving is a minimum requirement, but the help of a lawyer can go a long way in speeding up the process and getting you here faster. Employer and employee.

We can also provide legal advice on the provisions of the Labor Code when hiring foreign workers based on contracts concluded in Poland.

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