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Posted 03/31/2023 by Learnbay

Positions in Data Science for MBA Graduates

Positions in Data Science for MBA Graduates

Over the years, most bachelor's degree candidates have consistently prioritized earning an MBA after completing their studies. Working people also postpone their careers to get an MBA in the hopes of securing a prestigious corporate position. 

Companies now need to focus not just on strategy and financial matters but also on the enormous volume of data that comes in and goes out.

This data must be comprehended and studied to organize and develop better company plans. Given that data science has increasingly become the profession of choice for most individuals, it is logical that MBA graduates have also shown an interest in a reputed data science course in Bangalore, especially given the volume of data organizations must now analyze.

Anyone who enjoys math problems will be immediately interested in data science. To land a profitable career in data science, you need more than just a strong interest in statistics. Someone with a degree in engineering or an MBA should have a working knowledge of programming languages and statistics.

Usually, the best choice for someone interested in the MBA and data science streams is to enroll in a course in the MBA's analytics stream, such as business analytics, since this can be the area where the two fields are closely related.

Here are the popular data science job positions you can consider after an MBA degree. 

  • Data Analyst 

Whether the huge data is organized, semi-structured, or unstructured, an MBA with a data analytics concentration would actively turn it into insightful knowledge. Making operational and strategic choices throughout an organization is made easier using these insights. An MBA graduate would also need to have advanced knowledge of Python or R and SPSS and a general understanding of visualization tools like Tableau.

  • Data Science Supervisors

One of the better choices for an MBA grad who is skilled in data science storytelling, automating data, mining text, and modeling is a managerial position in data science. With a thorough knowledge of data science topics like modeling and storytelling, one must also possess managerial skills.

For efficient communication with the rest of the team, even if the data science managerial function would be more on the business side, one has to have a fundamental grasp of tools like R and SAS. A basic or intermediate grasp of SQL, statistics, data visualization, and domain expertise are also needed to conduct queries.

  • Product Analyst 

A product analyst's primary duties include the following:

  • Determining the target markets.

  • Doing research.

  • Creating marketing plans.

  • Monitoring the product throughout its life cycle.

These analysts are tasked with analyzing the market and product data to create marketing strategies. In addition to other basic responsibilities, the product analyst function would entail developing dashboards, defining metrics for the entire company or the product, and assessing performance.

  • Data Science Consultant

Excellent industry expertise and superior analytical abilities are requirements for consultants, particularly data science consultants. The customers would need data science solutions from the consultants, who would also need to guide them toward the hypotheses they want to test and assist them in connecting with the data at every level. Data science consultants must assist the customer in developing their analytical capabilities and understanding the organization's workings.

  • Product Administration

Innovation, comprehension, and leadership of business needs are all necessary for this position because they are a product team's core competencies. Based on the insights they have gleaned from the data, the data scientist in the product manager would need to identify new applications.

Due to the similarities between these two positions, someone with an MBA can easily choose this one. The individual would have to convey their decisions in each of these jobs. To communicate with everyone from engineers to designers, they must be technically proficient, artistic, and business-minded.

So these were the possible data science roles you can go for as an MBA graduate. 

However, you can still become a high-level data scientist or AI specialist by learning a few skills. Start upgrading your skills with Learnbay’s online data science course in Pune, and acquire hands-on experience with industrial experts.

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