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Posted 01/19/2023 by Marmm Klinik

Positive And Negative Sides Of Hair Transplant

Positive And Negative Sides Of Hair Transplant

Hair loss can take place for a certain period and it can kill the hair follicles permanently as well. Permanent hair loss is also called genetic baldness. You need to visit a reliable hair clinic in Indore to treat genetic baldness. 

You need to see a hair loss doctor to reach the root cause of the hair loss. If your doctor is sure about the type of hair loss, he will determine the correct treatment for your hair loss problem. If your hair loss is genetic, hair transplant surgery is an appropriate option. 

In this treatment, the surgeon will remove healthy and baldness-resistant hairs from the back and both sides of the head of the patient. These hairs are transplanted into the bald scalp. 

Nowadays, a lot of hair loss patients are interested in this treatment option. However, they are not sure about the positive and negative aspects of the surgery. 

In this blog, we will show you both the positive and negative sides of the treatment. After that, you may easily make the final decision. 

Positive aspects

Treatment with natural hair:

During the surgery, your surgeon will remove your own baldness resistant hairs from the donor areas and transplant them into the recipient areas. It is clear that the surgeon will restore the recipient area with natural hair. This treatment is not artificial like wigs. 

Fast recovery process:

However, hair transplant is a surgical process but the recovery period is short in comparison with other surgical treatments. You can start your daily activities with some precautions. You have to spend your recovery time under the supervision of your hair specialist in Indore

No maintenance cost:

If you use wigs, you have to maintain them and the maintenance is not a cheap option. On the other hand, your natural hair in new areas needs no maintenance. Just a normal routine to keep hair safe is enough. 

Permanent solution:

Since the transplanted hairs are baldness resistant, you need no further treatment after the surgery. You have to visit the clinic only once and after that, you are free for a lifetime. 

Negative aspects 

Since hair transplant is a surgical treatment, side effects like pain, itching, redness, and swelling are normal after the surgery. Generally, surgeons are capable of handling these side effects with the help of proper medications and instructions. 

Results after hair transplant surgery would not occur instantly. You have to wait for at least 6 to 12 months to see proper results. If a capable surgeon does not treat your scalp, hair may fall forever after the surgery. 

A number of patients say that hair transplant surgery is a costly procedure. So, you can treat this fact as a negative aspect as well. 

You increase your chances to see only the positive sides if you choose the best hair transplant clinic in IndoreThus, avoid fake clinics and choose a reliable and authentic place for permanent hair loss treatment.

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