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Practical Reasons for Hiring an Experienced Real Estate VA

Practical Reasons for Hiring an Experienced Real Estate VA

If you’re in the real estate business, outsourcing the virtual assistant service can be a smart move. For all intents and purposes, the VA handles all your administrative requirements. This trusted associate can even help with certain marketing tasks. Hiring a VA allows you to focus on getting clients and closing deals to generate more revenues.


VA’s Responsibilities

          What role will your virtual assistant assume? Make sure to assign tasks the person can efficiently accomplish. Define the work that you want done as well as your expectations. Create a realistic to-do list on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The real estate virtual assistant must not beoverburdened. Otherwise, this can affect both the individual’s performance and your operations. Here are the duties that the VA can possibly work on:


Marketing Support

          Marketing is the lifeblood of a real estate enterprise. Therefore, this must be one of the VA’s priorities. Some of these marketing duties include:

  • Send emails to prospects and clients.
  • Schedule your appointments.
  • Create PowerPoint presentations.
  • Research on sales ideas.
  • Post on social media sites.
  • Monitor marketing analytics.
  • Update and improve your website content.
  • Do basic SEO functions.



Preparation of Reports

          Your real estate virtual assistant must have the capability to draft reports which contain tracking targets and objectives against Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. Through this type of reporting, you will know the essential statistics related to your business. The report should also have relevant images, charts, and videos to make data assessment and interpretation clearer.


Manage Schedules

          The realtor must attend to numerous appointments with different clients in various places. You really need a reliable VA who can effectively handle this scheduling task and manage everything, so you don’t miss important meetings. The virtual assistant sends reminders pointing out engagements that are deemed as urgent.


Oversee Social Media Needs

          The provider of a virtual assistant servicemust be an expert in social media management. Most businesses depend on social media presence to become competitive in a saturated market. Besides, social media advertising is practically without cost and easily done. Through well-planned social media campaigns, you can engage more clients and reinforce your sales efforts. You can be more cost-efficient by employing a VA who is a social media specialist with some knowledge on writing catchy posts.


Administrative Tasks

          Real estate work calls for loads of correspondence and paperwork although this is carried out digitally and not manually. Documentation covers client information, property data, encoding, bookkeeping, and other financial details. This is too much if you don’t have acapablereal estate virtual assistant. Outsourcing will let you cope with the more important aspects of your property business.   


Outsourcing is Economical

          Outsourcing compared to hiring a full-time employee is more economical considering that you have other expenditures to deal with. You can pay per hour or on a project basis, You don’t even need to allocate funds for employee training which brings more monetary benefits to your business. Your virtual assistant can be on call without fixed reporting time which is an advantage to you and the third-party provider. This way, you can look forward to more productivity and focus.


Reliable VA Provider

PCS Call Center is a trusted provider of VA services that are both affordable and dependable. You can check our website at https://pcs-callcenter.com/ to gain more information about the company and services.Or you may call us at (866) 671-4344 or send an email at info@pcs-callcenter.com for a possible meeting with our Virtual Assistants at your most convenient time.

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