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Posted 08/07/2023 by The Medlin Law Firm

Prior Arrest or Conviction Impact on Current Case

Prior Arrest or Conviction Impact on Current Case

As a general rule, a prior arrest or conviction impact on current case is not going to hurt at all. A prior conviction or arrest is not going to affect the defense’s chance of winning at trial. This is because when the individual is on trial accused of a crime, evidence of prior convictions or arrests is not admissible. You cannot be tried of being a criminal in general. You can only be tried for the crime of which you are accused. The prior convictions are not going to be considered by the jury when the jury’s deciding whether or not the person is innocent or guilty of the crime they are on trial for. However, the prior arrest or conviction impact on current case is that it can certainly affect the punishment the defendant may receive if they are found guilty. That is one of the risks that a seasoned criminal lawyer will consider when deciding whether or not to go through a trial or not.

Handling Criminal Cases for Those With Prior Criminal History

It is a defense attorney’s goal in every case to get a dismissal or get a finding of not guilty so that the defense can get an expunction of the record of the case and the arrest. This means that the lawyer is prepared to fight each case. The attorney is going to thoroughly investigate the case and will not entertain resolving the case until they have gathered all the evidence and any other records that need to be requested or subpoenaed. An accomplished DWI lawyer will know the science of breath testing and blood testing in DWI cases and how to determine if there were any issues with the testing. A dedicated attorney is going to fight for an individual whether they have had a prior arrest or conviction or not. They will also ensure that a defendant has a fair trial.

Qualities to Look for in Criminal Defense Attorneys

Someone who has been charged with a crime and is concerned with a prior arrest or conviction impact on current case should obtain an experienced lawyer. A well-established attorney will know what type of defenses can be raised to defend you against your charges. Defendants should look for attorneys who have won similar cases that they are facing. In DWI cases, they should find out if the lawyer has ever won a not guilty on a blood test case or won a not guilty on a breath test case. An attorney who is well-versed in many defense strategies and knows how the process works could be very beneficial. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, reach out to a lawyer who has had success defending other individuals of such a charge. An attorney could also ease your concern about a prior arrest or conviction impact on current case. Call today to schedule a consultation. The sooner a lawyer is contacted, the sooner they can start building a defense for your case.

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