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Posted 12/29/2021 by Proxar IT Consulting

Proxar IT Consulting Services & Cloud IT Solutions: The Leading IT Support Service Provider

Proxar IT Consulting Services & Cloud IT Solutions: The Leading IT Support Service Provider

Proxar IT Consulting Services & Cloud IT Solutions (https://www.proxar.co.uk) offers a wide range of IT support services for businesses of any size, throughout the UK. With multiple departments specialising in many different areas, clients are guaranteed excellent IT support for their businesses.

This company offers IT support 24/7. They ensure that the IT hardware and software systems of their clients are operating properly. With their monitoring platform, any problem that may come up can be detected immediately. This way, they can resolve the problem as quickly as possible, negating any possibilities of harming their client’s businesses. Such services are perfect for businesses that run around the clock. Businesses can get support either through the phone, email, or remote access support.

They also offer many service support packages that are structured into three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Their Gold tier support packages are one of their most popular services acquired by their clients because they provide all of the necessary support needed by average businesses to function properly. Another one is their 24/7 Platinum IT Support. Clients on this tier, get monthly network maintenance, predefined response time and prevention of issues. Clients can also call for help out of office hours. Such services would greatly reduce the downtime of IT business infrastructures. Proxar IT Consulting Services & Cloud IT Solutions can also tailor other support packages according to what their clients need and require.

Businesses or companies that need a dedicated server room that has multiple racks should acquire the network support services and solutions that the company offers. They provide complete services which include network security upgrades, network auditing, and server virtualisation. With the company’s help, businesses can take advantage of the most reliable and most optimized LANs, WANs, and managed network services, allowing them to worry less about the technical side and focus more on their business’s growth. 

With the company providing excellent IT support companies services consistently throughout the years, they have gained a loyal following of clients. As one of their satisfied past clients said, “The team at Proxar are always quick to resolve any issues I have encountered, and always with a clear concise explanation”.

For more information on their services, interested parties can visit their website at https://www.proxar.co.uk/it-support/.

About Proxar IT Consulting Services & Cloud IT Solutions

Proxar IT Consulting Services & Cloud IT Solutions offers IT support services for the public and private sectors. They prioritise customer services and approach which greatly enhance their solutions to work efficiently. They tailor support packages after assessing the requirements and needs of their clients. With the numerous decades of combined experience of their professional staff, potential clients can rest assured of the process and results. For enquiries, prospects can fill out their contact form at https://www.proxar.co.uk/contact-us/. You may also call them via +44 (0) 203 515 5555 or send an email through general@proxar.co.uk.

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