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PRP Treatment And Hair Transpalnt For Hair Loss

PRP Treatment And Hair Transpalnt For Hair Loss

Temporary or permanent hair loss is not painful. However, it needs proper treatment just like other health issues. You need to see a hair loss doctor for proper hair loss treatment in Indore

Temporary hair loss may take place due to the reasons like stress, improper diet, seasonal effects, certain medications, infection in the scalp, hair products and hairstyles etc. 

On the other hand, permanent hair loss occurs due to genetic and hormonal reasons. This is a permanent and hereditary disease. It means your next generations are likely to face the disease if you are experiencing the symptoms like a receding hairline and severe hair loss. 

When you meet your doctor, he will use different approaches according to the type of hair loss. Hair loss can be either temporary or permanent.

Treatment for temporary hair loss:

It is possible that temporary hair loss goes away automatically if you eliminate the reason. For example, if hair loss takes place due to stress, you have to reduce the level of stress in your life. Similarly, hair loss due to poor diet can be improved with the help of nutrient-rich diet. 

Sometimes, doctors use medicines for the treatment of hair loss as well. Doctors use PRP treatment in Indore for temporary hair loss as well. PRP hair loss treatment is an effective and non-surgical treatment for hair loss. 

In this treatment, the expert will draw some drops of blood from the patient’s arm and spin it in a centrifuge. The centrifuge machines will spin the blood quickly and separate it into three layers. These layers are platelet rich plasma, platelet poor plasma and red blood cells. 

The expert collects Platelet rich plasma and makes PRP injections to inject into the affected areas of the scalp. 

According to hair loss experts, PRP has growth factors. These growth factors rejuvenate your sick hair and improve hair growth in affected regions of the scalp. 

Treatment for permanent hair loss:

Hair loss experts recommend hair transplant surgery for permanent hair loss. In fact, permanent hair loss or genetic baldness kills the hair follicles permanently. Therefore, it is not possible to bring these hair follicles with the help of medicines or other treatments. 

A hair transplant is a surgical treatment that uses baldness resistant hairs for the treatment. These baldness resistant hairs grow in the back and sides of the head of the patient. 

During the treatment, the surgeon will remove baldness resistant hairs from the donor region and transplants them into the bald scalp. Donor hairs do not leave their stable nature after the surgery and grow in new areas for a long time. 

Hair loss experts sometimes use PRP hair loss treatment in Indore with hair transplant surgery to improve the results. The use of PRP after hair transplant surgery will boost hair growth in the treated areas. 

If you are looking for better hair loss treatment with the help of a reliable clinic, visit the Marmm Klinik. This clinic is a trusted source for the correct diagnosis and treatment of genetic baldness. 

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