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Qin Di _ Tang Jia San Shao _ txt Novel Paradise

With Ye Yinzhu's individual combat effectiveness, if only in the Qin Di aircraft carrier command, is undoubtedly a huge waste, Qin Di's own defense is good. But if the face is the super power of the sub-god level. Also not so strong, into the sub-god level, Ye Yinzhu really understood the terror of this level, so, once faced with a truly powerful enemy. He has to join the battle himself, and at this time. The command of the aircraft carrier naturally fell on Oliveira. When Oliveira was in command. Someone has to take over his weapons system, so. Ye Yinzhu simply handed over the weapon system to Li Sha for control, and he and Oliveira commanded the Qin Di together. Study more tactics when you really fight the enemy. The captain's position may change immediately. Yin Zhu. Sister Anya sent an urgent message for us to go back as soon as possible. Sura sent a message through the Dragon Knight outside. Report to Ye Yinzhu. Urgent news? "Ye Yinzhu was stupefied for a moment.". Could it be that the coming place has finally come? "Return to Qin City.". Landing. Immediately issued the order to return, Qin Di once again made a beautiful turn, under the escort of more than thirty dragons. Go in the direction of Qincheng Square. After being trampled by the dragon last time. The original Qin City has become the central square of Qin City. This huge square can not only become the training place of Qin City in peacetime, but also become the best landing point of Qin Di in the Brenner Mountains. After all, the volume of more than 100 meters is too large. If there is no suitable place. It's really hard to land safely. After more than a month of practical exercises, the Dwarf and Goblin tribal masters have made some simple modifications to the Qin Emperor. The Qin Emperor itself is tough enough to make many complex movements without being damaged under the control of Ye Yinzhu. In order to make the Qin Emperor faster, it can reach the same speed as the wind dragon. The original local power source has changed from three nine-order wind magic crystals to five,Carbon in Pulp, and the flight speed has been greatly increased. At the same time. The number of magic cannons has also increased to sixteen, of which. A secondary gun was added where there was no tail. This is the limit of the artillery that the Qin Di can carry at this stage. Magic guide cannons are made of Vajra essence, which has great weight and omni-directional mobile base. The weight is even more terrible. Despite the addition of two magic crystals, if the number of magic cannons is further increased, not to mention whether there is enough space. The immediate result is to affect the moving speed of the Qin Emperor. Imperial Palace of Milan. Silvio sat on the throne. A man sat quietly, and his expression became obviously dull. Could it be that the sky is going to destroy Milan? "Except for bitterness.". There was nothing else in his mind. Three hours ago, he got the news. Falan is in the case of self-sealing. Suddenly send a large army. Straight into the territory of Milan, although there is no conflict with the Milan army, but has been along the Milan Empire officers quickly to the north, gold CIP machine ,tin beneficiation plant, the target is directed at the city of Qin. Even when Landias suddenly declared war and millions of troops invaded the border. Silvio has never been as helpless as he is now. Blue Dias is well prepared. No matter how strong it is, it is only a human country. With Milan's national strength, Silvio believes. As long as you command properly. There is a fight in the end. However, Falan suddenly sent troops to appear. It upsets the whole balance. At this time, it is a good opportunity for Milan. It is precisely because of the addition of Qin City. Milan empire just got breathing time, if the French blue destroyed the city of Qin, then. The situation would immediately reverse, although he had long guessed that Landias had the support of Falan behind him. However, for the first time in many years, Falan, who had always been neutral, sent troops to attack, which brought him the pressure of mountains. For the countries on the continent of Ryuzinus, Falan has long been a religion, so clearly expressing its support for Landias. Not to mention how much it will boost the morale of the Blue Dias side. The war spirit of one's own allies alone will be greatly suppressed. No one knows what will happen. But everything is going in a bad direction. Silvio, the earth's core has been disturbed. He has no idea how to deal with it. As long as the city of Qin is destroyed. Falan even joined the army of Landias, then. All will be in vain, and it is impossible for them to confront Falan head-on. Why, why does France support Landias? Strong anger and resentment constantly irritated Silvio's heart. 。 His fists clenched unconsciously. Even the fingernail pierced the palm without realizing it. Father. A soft voice suddenly broke Silvio's meditation. Looking up, Silvio's eyes softened a little when he saw the man coming. Xiangluan, what are you doing here? Xiangluan was wearing a white floor-length dress. She was still so beautiful, though she was covered with a snow fox fur cloak. But the beautiful eyes seem a little dim. His face looked a little pale. Walk slowly up to Silvio. Father, don't worry, since it has happened. It's not something we can control. Silvio smiled bitterly. "Luan," he said, "do you know how painful my heart is? If Milan is really destroyed in my hands, it will be underground. I can't explain to my ancestors. Falan. What a French blue. This so-called holy land of justice is really going to kill Milan. Xiangluan looked a little more cold. You should have thought of that when Landias, sealed by Falan, attacked us. They have the shadow of Falan behind them,chrome washing machine, and the situation is not good for Landias at this time. It should be in your calculation that France sent troops. Silvio nodded his head. "Just." He said with a wry smile. I've always had a bit of luck in my heart. It seems. I still underestimated Falan's determination. What else can we do now? Any deployment of troops has become meaningless. Waiting to be destroyed. What kind of suffering is this? Xiangluan shook her head and squatted down beside her father. Hold Silvio's cold hand. Father, everything is not doomed, we still have a chance. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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