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Ranged characters shouldn't have much of an issue with this fight

Just like Floor 29, you'll need to avoid explosive enemies in a rather small area. Unlike the last survival floor, there's a persistent black hole at the center of the arena that reduces your movement speed by 60%. Use a swiftness robe or skill Tripods that grant movement speed to counteract this debuff. Most of the explosive enemies spawn near the center, so stick to the corners to bait their explosive attack.

This floor contains the Elemental Knight of Darkness, a boss that uses a wide range of attacks that can stun your character. This enemy has the following attacks:

Melee Slash: This is a default melee attack the boss seldom uses. Charge: The Elemental Knight will dash forward or launch a sword slash in a rectangular area. Getting hit by this attack will launch you in the air. Tornados: Four tornados will spawn and continuously track your character. Should they make contact, you'll be knocked prone. The tornados will despawn after a few seconds.

Ranged characters shouldn't have much of an issue with this fight cheap Lost Ark Gold. Avoid using abilities that anchor your character until the Elemental Knight uses its charge attack. When it summons its tornados, focus on killing minions until they despawn. The default attack on this boss has a deceptively large range, so try to stay behind or far away from the boss.

Melee units will charge your position. Let them clump together before using your abilities. A miniboss will eventually spawn, but it can easily be slain with good positioning and ranged skills.

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