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Reforms made by TDP Government towards Urban Development

Reforms made by TDP Government towards Urban Development

The then TDP Government under the administration of the Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu, has formulated 18 items for the financial support and self-sufficiency of the municipalities and ordered the respective towns to implement them and brought a change in property tax system, efficient collection, revision of taxes, tax on vacant lots, identification of occupied pump connections and computerization of tax accounts on them, levy of special taxes by including things like the collection of user charges.

 Under the supervision of the corresponding TDP MLAs and other TDP Political Leaders, another important factor has been implemented by increasing the revenue sources of municipalities by developing the land as a resource and construction and leasing of commercial complexes. The TDP Government also took a key decision to raise financial resources with the issuance of municipal bonds, it was primarily undertaken by the Hyderabad city corporation and the bonds released for 80 crores got an unexpected response.

 Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu and the TDP Government implemented an idea for generating more revenue through the privatization of the Parks and community halls in the city by collecting fees through them and privatization is also initiated to reduce the cost of sanitation programs and collection of user charges for piling up of waste materials from hospitals and function halls. Similarly, an income of 100 crores has accrued to the municipalities through TDP Policies of regularization scheme of illegal buildings. 

The TDP Government and the TDP Party Leaders have established citizen charters and service centers in cities and towns to provide better services to people. It is the state government's intention to provide birth, death and other certificates through citizen charters, building plan permissions, and action on public grievances, to the public within a specified time frame. The then TDP Government had introduced a new reform to pay a compensation of Rs 50 per day to the people if the municipality fails to serve the people within the stipulated time. Look into the official TDP website to know the inside story of this new reform and the Latest news about TDP.

Under the numerous list of TDP Policies by Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the TDP Government has introduced innovative reforms in the building sector on the basis of rationality and transparency and they also issued orders making the construction of soak pits mandatory for the increase of underground water in the building construction sector. The government has also stipulated that roads, parks and playgrounds not less than 40 feet wide should be arranged in the layouts and houses should be arranged in a regular manner. 

Among the new 209 e- service centers in the state Under the scheme of A.P.U.S.P.  101 e- service centers have been sanctioned to 32 municipalities and 108 e- service centers to 82 municipalities with government funding. And the TDP Government spent about 10 lakh rupees for the construction of each center, the above-mentioned are some of the major TDP Contributions made towards the urban development in Andhra Pradesh.

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