Scope Of B.Com Honours: Career Options For Students After Graduation - Article By Microtek College of Management & Tech

Scope Of B.Com Honours: Career Options For Students After Graduation

Scope Of B.Com Honours: Career Options For Students After Graduation

Students who have graduated from B.Com(Honours) but have no idea what to do or what career to choose next. We would like to tell you about the vast career options you can choose after completing your Bcom Hons from one of the Best Bcom honours college in Varanasi which is the Microtek Group of Institutions established in the year 1999-2000. You can choose the best based on your aptitude and interests. There is a wide scope for students of BCom honours which is one of the many benefits that a student of honours can rely on.

After 3 years of learning, this course offers you a variety of opportunities that help to grow in your career. Many students dream to pursue a job and some will plan to do further studies. Now it’s up to you what you want to choose and what suits you the best!

There is wide scope in the field of BCom and there are many jobs as well. While you make a career choice you must rely on your skills and interests. 

Here are some career options after B Com:-

  1. MBA

MBA is an all-time favorite for all students because every year thousands of students choose MBA as their career option after completing their bachelor's. Students should know what subject they want to do specialization in their MBA. Doing MBA course from any reputed college will land you with a good salary in big companies.

  1. M.COM

The first option for students who complete BCom is to master their own subjects. Students can opt for M.Com followed by a PhD. This offers a nice teaching job as an associate professor at the university level. You can also choose Microtek Group of Institutions as it is the Best Mcom college in Varanasi. 

  1. CA, CS and ICWA

These courses are also the voice of most of the students that graduate as they provide a promising career once to clear the major exams. You don't have to give foundation exams as you directly get entry into round 2 on the basis of your BCom degree. Microtek Group of Institutions is one of the Best Bcom honours college in Varanasi.

  1. Marketing and Advertising Roles

If Communication and persuasion are your strengths and your mind is an atomic bomb packed with innovative ideas. Then a job profile in marketing, advertising and promotions are what you should go for!

  1. Government Jobs

After graduating with a B.Com degree, you can have the option of going for Government jobs by giving exams such as UPSC.

  1. Diploma Courses:

You can go for the various diploma courses, which will help in providing you with a platform to enter corporates and government jobs as well. Diploma courses in Merchant Banking, Financial Service, Export-Import, foreign trade and so on, can help you to build your profile.

Areas of Recruitment For B.Com Honours

B.Com graduates have demand in every area, such as in banking, management, accounting, finance, research and much more. They are mostly preferred by most private and public sectors of various reputed organizations. We at Microtek Group of Institutions provide the best jobs at  well-known organizations as we come in the Best Bcom honours college in Varanasi, Best Mcom college in Varanasi.

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