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Senior Living Communities

Senior Living Communities

If you are like most adult children, you will likely consider a senior living community for one or both of your elderly parents (if you have not already). With senior living communities becoming more prevalent, it is not quite as difficult to make this monumental decision.  

While many are familiar with them, some still may have preconceived ideas about senior living communities. Here are six things you should know about senior living communities, especially if you have thought about them for your parent(s).

Senior Living Is Very Different from a Nursing Home 

Many mistakenly fail to distinguish the upscale senior living communities of today from nursing homes. In fact, senior living communities are typically very nice settings that offer several levels of care from Independent Living in an apartment within a community to Assisted Living for those who need more supervision and day-to-day assistance.  Some can be as basic as providing accommodations, dining areas, and activities or as elaborate as having amenities like a movie theatre, grocery store, and more.  

The Cost Is Affordable

It is a common misnomer that senior living communities are very expensive and financially out of reach for most people. Yet more often than not, they are actually more affordable than daily in-home care. The costs vary depending on the level of care and the type of community, but are not as expensive as most are quick to assume. Yes, some are more costly than others but, the old adage, “You get what you pay for” has never been more appropriate. Let’s face it, you are going to pay more to live in a community with a movie theatre (but it sure is nice to have).

There Are Lots of Activities 

By design, the communities of today offer tons of activities and events to keep residents active and combat the ill effects of isolation and loneliness. From playing bridge to shooting pool or playing cards in the “Man Cave” to outings at area malls, restaurants, museums and other places, residents can participate in activities each and every day. In addition, communities often throw parties and dances to celebrate holidays and birthdays. In total, the active social aspect has the power to produce a significant, positive change in people once they move in and get involved. 

There Is No Maintenance

Let’s face it, home maintenance can become very burdensome for seniors, not to mention costly. Meanwhile, senior living communities are virtually maintenance-free. That means the days of taking care of the yard and fixing things around the house become a distant memory. Additionally, housekeeping services are part of the community offerings, with weekly, professional cleanings to handle the dusting, vacuuming, and other chores.

Enjoy a Renewed Sense of Security

In a nutshell, life in a senior living community is much safer for aging seniors. Once they move in, you can once again rest easy, knowing a professional team kind is always present and readily available to assist with any and all needs as they arise.

Elderly People Become More Independent

Even with the most hesitant or reluctant people, something good tends to happen once they move into a senior living community. They discover new things, make new friends, participate and become more independent again. It can actually be life-altering for them and for the family. In a way, life starts all over again for them and you get your parent(s) back.

Senior Living Is a Good Move

Senior living communities can be an ideal option for aging parents who could benefit from any degree of added assistance. 

Some communities may be more traditional and formal in their appearance and décor, while others may have a more casual atmosphere, so be sure to tour multiple communities. Even though they all may provide quality care, each fits residents in different ways. What is ideal for one resident may not be for another.  The only way to know which one fits best for your parent(s) is to visit several communities and get an idea of what works best. 

Just remember, it is important to choose what your parents actually like, not what you think they may like.

Learn about our senior living community at The Welstone At Mission Crossing today. Contact us today at 844.578.0233 to find out about our senior living programs and living options.

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