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Posted 05/06/2023 by itcanvass

ServiceNow Interview Question

ServiceNow Interview Question

ServiceNow Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

1. Difference Between ServiceNow & Salesforce?

Ans: Below are the major differences between ServiceNow and Salesforce

Platforms SupportedWeb-based, iPhone & Android appWeb-based, Windows phone app
Typical CustomersEnterprise & Mid-size business CustomersEnterprise, Small & MId-sie business Customers
SupportPhone & Online Support, Knowledgebase, Video tutorialsPhone & Online Support, Knowledgebase, Video tutorials
IntegrationsOpsGenie, PagerDuty, WorkatoMailChimp, Trello
SecurityNo CSA, CCM CertificationCSA, CCM Certification
EncryptionNo encryption i.e sensitive data which is at restEncryption of sensitive data at rest
Access ControlNo multifactor in the authentication processMulti-factor in the authentication process
Data PolicyNo data backup in multiple locationsData backup in multiple locations

2. What is ServiceNow?

Ans: ServiceNow is a cloud-based ITSM tool. Please check the below URL before attending a service-now interview.

3. What do you mean by the term “Application” in ServiceNow?

Ans: Application is a group of modules that provides related information. For example, a change application provides information related to the change process. It consists of modules like create change tickets, view change tickets, etc.

4. What is the latest ServiceNow user interface and when it was released?

Ans: The latest user interface is the UI14 interface. It came in the Eureka release

5. What is the full form of CMDB?

Ans: Configuration Management Database

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6. What is the CMDB Baseline?

Ans: CMDB baselines help to understand and control the changes that have been made to a configuration item(CI) after its Baseline has been created. The baseline is the snapshot of a CI

7. How to enable or disable an application?

Ans: Navigate to the “Application Menus” module under the system definition application. Open the respective application that requires enabling or disable. Set active as true to enable it or set active to false to disable it

8. What is a view?

Ans: The view defines the arrangement of fields on a form or a list. For one single form, we can define multiple views according to the user preferences or requirements.

9. What is the ACL?

Ans: An ACL is an access control list that defines what data a user can access and how they can access it in service now.

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