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Shadowlands will be the 8th expansion available for WoW The expansion

The release of the controller in  September 2018 The Xbox Adaptive Controller has been an important milestone in making game play more accessible. It is a free-of-cost controller that is flexible, as one father recently modified it with a Nintendo Switch to help his daughter play games.

Shadowlands will be the 8th expansion available for WoW The expansion will be available in 2020. The name implies that the expansion will take players to the realm that's dead. Like the other games, Shadowlands actually reduces the maximum level to 60. dropping it from 120 levels as part of a new twist.

"As an Asian American, I wanted to experience narratives that represented those who are like me, and to be able to see them represented as heroes. World of Warcraft offered an opportunity to create a more expansive vision of Earth into existence: a new future worthy of fight for" Chu said. "Together, we fought, struggled and shed tears to champion the creation of a world with characters from all over the world, to make real the incredible sights of the earth's past, present, and future and to encourage the creativity of creators and voices that better represented the diversity of humanity. I believed that games could demonstrate the power of diversity , and that one kiss could transform the world, even if just one kiss."

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