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Silver is so important

Oh, Lopang. It's not unusual to see an experienced player with Lost Ark Gold four or five alt characters tied to Lopang, just farming silver via the Daily Tasks. Silver is massively important in Tier 3 - you will find that your once-massive stockpile starts to dwindle real low after sixty-seven failed honing attempts. You need to complete the quests on Lopang first, level up your alts to at least Tier 2, although Tier 3 has better silver rewards, and then repeat the daily tasks there for a silver injection.

Silver is so important. Do not waste it! Do not reroll gems until you've got excess silver. You will need that silver to upgrade your gear. Cooking ingredients for the Adventure's Tome get SERIOUSLY expensive. You don't need those statues and Ignea Tokens yet - just be patient and use your silver for honing. Work On Your Runes And Engravings

Runes and Engravings really make up the meat and bones of your power level.

Runes can be acquired from across the world - you can use the in-game Codex to check where each rune comes from - but usually from adventure islands, quests, and other tasks. Check out a specific build for your character and see which runes work best for each ability. Engravings are also essential if you want to maximize your damage/viabiity in endgame content. You're aiming for the perfect 33331 setup, but that will be a long way away if you're just getting started. Prioritize the Engravings that best suit your build Lost Ark Gold buy.

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