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Posted 09/05/2023 by 101 blockchainss

Smart Contracts Security Training Course - 101 Blockchains

Smart Contracts Security Training Course - 101 Blockchains

Introducing the new Smart Contracts Security Training Course, a crucial tool for learning about the importance of smart contract security. Smart contracts play a pivotal role in conducting transactions and exchanging valuable information, often worth millions or billions of dollars. As a result, it is essential for blockchain and web3 developers to familiarize themselves with smart contract security in order to protect user assets and enhance trust. The security of smart contracts is a key factor driving the future adoption of blockchain and web3 applications.

This comprehensive course offers a collection of modules covering various topics related to smart contract security. Through engaging video lessons, you will gain knowledge on Ethereum fundamentals and smart contract vulnerabilities. Additionally, interactive exercises, examples, and demonstrations will help you sharpen your expertise in blockchain smart contract security. Learning from an industry expert will provide you with practical insights and invaluable guidance.

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Gimer Cervera, a Blockchain Engineer with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carleton University, Ottawa, ON., Canada, is the instructor for this course. With experience as a consultant, developer, and engineer in the blockchain field, as well as being a university professor, Gimer Cervera is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise on Blockchain technology.

For those looking to learn the basics of enterprise blockchains, the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course is an ideal starting point. This course is suitable for business professionals at any level within an enterprise.

The smart contracts security course offers video lectures for each lesson module. These lectures include real-world examples and insights from experts, showcasing the implementation of smart contracts. Demonstrations on blockchain smart contract security and utilizing various tools and frameworks to identify security pitfalls are also provided.

The 101 Blockchains smart contracts security training course is highly recommended for individuals interested in developing web3 applications. By completing this course, learners can demonstrate their skills in creating secure smart contracts and, consequently, build reputable web3 applications. Furthermore, this training course offers valuable insights into important tools and frameworks for smart contract security testing.

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