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Women who suspect they may have polyps, fibroids, or who have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss when they are trying to conceive are likely to undergo a hysterosonogram. Also known as a sonohysterogram, this diagnostic test is similar to a hysterosal pinogram but involves the use of ultrasound to get a more detailed picture of the reproductive organs.

Thanks to the highly sensitive nature of the test, a hysterosalpingogram hysterosonogram is often able to pick up on problems in the uterus or ovaries that a hysterosalpingogram may miss.

During the test, you will recline on the examination table with your legs in stirrups, similar to the position you would be in for a PAP smear. A speculum will be used to open up your vagina before a transvaginal ultrasound probe is inserted. This probe will allow the administrator of the procedure to have a clear image of your ovaries and uterus as well as any potential problems that may be present.

Next, a catheter will inject a sterile saline solution (salt water) into your uterus will be inserted into your vagina. This solution helps to expand your uterus, even more, thereby increasing the visibility and allowing for a very detailed look at your reproductive organs.

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