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Strategies For Commercial Real Estate Deals

Strategies For Commercial Real Estate Deals

Commercial real estate deals can be a complex process. To make the most of them, it's important to understand key real estate marketing strategies.

Investors pursuing the Value strategy target properties with significant upside potential that offer an equity return. However, this type of investment requires more time and effort from investors to renovate properties.

1. Market Research

It’s important to do a thorough market analysis before pursuing a commercial real estate deal. This includes researching the neighborhood’s demographics, as well as identifying any specific market opportunities that may exist there.

This type of research can be conducted using a number of methods. However, it’s important to use secondary sources in order to avoid data collection bias. These sources can include websites such as BiggerPockets and Parkbench, which provide real estate agent, vendor and supplier information in specific neighborhoods.

2. Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is a marketing strategy that groups prospective clients into smaller, more specific categories. It aims to make a company’s marketing endeavors more focused, efficient and effective.

There are various ways to perform market segmentation, such as geographically, demographically, based on their use of a product and behaviorally. Each method allows a greater degree of precision in the targeting of products, which often reduces costs and increases return on investment.

3. Targeted Marketing

The key to closing commercial real estate deals is being able to market to and connect with the right clients. This requires a disciplined marketing process, including search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, AdWords and remarketing.

Create local market reports for the markets in which you operate as a way of nurturing existing relationships and attracting new leads. You can use a variety of tools such as Ahrefs and Moz to do this.

4. Social Media Marketing

Unlike print ads or letter drops that are sent out en masse to an audience that might not be looking to buy or sell property, social media marketing can target specific audiences that are actively interested in commercial real estate. This type of targeted marketing is much more cost effective.

Social media marketing is a critical part of any CRE agent’s overall marketing strategy. It can be a very cost-effective tool when combined with other marketing methods like remarketing campaigns and influencer rev-share agreements.

5. Content Marketing

Inbound marketing is a powerful digital marketing methodology that can help your commercial real estate business to generate qualified leads. Instead of bombarding a million uninterested people with ads, it lets potential customers come to you.

Blog articles about the real estate industry or free buying guides about CRE properties are a great way to provide value for your clients and to establish yourself as a trustworthy source. You can also create infographics using a tool like Visme to showcase your expertise and attract attention.

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A good SEO strategy can elevate your real estate business and put a steady stream of quality local leads on autopilot. However, implementing it successfully requires meticulous work and ongoing maintenance.

Avoid generic search terms like 'homes for sale' and aim for long-tail keywords that are descriptive, less competitive, and capture user intent better (e.g. '2-bedroom condo for sale in Oakland'). It is also important to optimize your images and ensure that they load quickly on all devices.

7. Infographics

Real estate infographics make complex information easier to understand. They also keep clients on your website or social media accounts for longer, which can lead to higher sales and conversion rates.

Value-add real estate investments involve purchasing and improving distressed properties to sell them for a profit. They can be a great way to generate passive income and boost your portfolio.

To create a real estate infographic, first import locations and then use the Civilian Labor Profile template in Business Analyst to compare sites side-by-side. Then, add a map to your infographic.

8. Event Marketing

If you want to attract tenants, brokers and investors, consider hosting a networking event. It will boost your visibility, credibility and lead generation.

Sending email newsletters with valuable industry info keeps you top of mind with prospects. You can also use drip email tools to nurture your leads until they are ready for a property tour. Taking notes on calls and meetings with iovox is another easy way to stay in touch with clients.

9. Landing Pages

Real estate agents can use landing pages to create a value proposition for potential clients. For example, a calculator template can help clients estimate how much they can afford to spend on their next home or investment property.

Video and GIFs can also add visual appeal to real estate landing pages. For example, this page from TurnKey uses a GIF to preview its virtual walkthrough and real estate platform. Neighborhood and community guides are another valuable real estate landing page strategy. These give visitors key information and help build trust with agents.

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