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Stress Hair Loss And PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Stress Hair Loss And PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Whenever you feel that your hair is sick, you need a skilled doctor for proper hair loss treatment in IndoreYour doctor will help you to determine the exact reason for hair loss. Hair loss is a result of various reasons including improper diet, seasonal effects, and stress. Genetic and hormonal reasons also affect the health of your hair. 

In this blog, we will consider stress and hair loss related to this reason. 

Stress may cause hair loss according to hair loss experts. Stress-related hair loss is a type of temporary hair loss. You can easily control the condition by managing the level of stress. 

Emotional and physical stress will stop the growth of hair because your body does not treat hair growth as a vital activity. While your mind or body feels excessive stress, the body releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrelenin. These hormones stop the activities that are not essential for the body. Surely hair growth is included in these activities. 

You have to manage stress if you want to improve the condition of your scalp. Ideas like Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, reading books, and massage will decrease the level of stress in your life. 

If conditions are extremely severe, you have to see your expert to have proper treatment. Most experts provide hair loss treatment with the help of PRP treatment in Indore which is an effective procedure for hair loss. 

The procedure of PRP hair loss treatment

The PRP hair treatment uses the natural power of the body to heal wounds. During the treatment, the expert will extract blood from the arm of the patient. He will put the blood into a centrifuge. The centrifuge machine will spin the blood sample quickly and the expert will observe three layers of the blood components called platelet rich plasma, platelet poor plasma and red blood cells. 

The expert will collect platelet-rich plasma in a separate test tube. He will use PRP to make injections that are further injected into the scalp. 

Benefits of PRP hair loss treatment 

PRP is a simple treatment. The procedure of this treatment is not very complex. Your own blood is needed for the treatment. The growth factors of PRP will promote re-growth in your scalp and they will improve the health of broken and dull hairs as well. PRP is a nonsurgical treatment. Therefore, it is suitable for those who do not want a surgical procedure for hair loss treatment. 

Precautions before the treatment

If you are facing hair loss, you may have better results with the help of PRP treatment. However, you have to be cautious before the treatment. You have to look at your candidacy if you do not want to see poor results after the treatment. 

Your doctor will check your blood for platelet count and other factors that may hinder the process of PRP hair loss treatment in IndoreMoreover, you have to consider your health condition as well. Any chronic health issue may keep you away from PRP treatment.

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