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Posted 06/18/2021 by Brian Tremel Services

Surrogacy Information: Qualification To Become A Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy Information: Qualification To Become A Surrogate Mother

Why should you choose surrogacy?

According to an old song, love would come first, then marriage comes the baby. Unfortunately, some couples are experiencing infertility issues or having a risky pregnancy which calls for a procedure that allows them to build their family. Here is some surrogacy information that you need to know before going through the process.

Here are some reasons why people choose surrogacy:

  • Infertility problems that prevent couples from staying or getting pregnant; recurrent miscarriages.

  • Same-sex couples who want to have children. The couple can either be two men or two women. For women, this option is attractive as one partner can use her egg to be inseminated with the sperm from the donor and the embryo is implanted to the other partner. One partner will be the child’s biological mother, while the other is the birth mother.

  • Health problems prevent a woman from carrying a full-term pregnancy or getting pregnant as a whole.

  • Another reason would be single people wanting to have their biological children.

Surrogacy Information: Criteria for Surrogate Mothers

The qualifications to become a surrogate may vary depending on the agency. However, most agencies include the following qualifications:


Surrogates’ home backgrounds will be thoroughly investigated by agencies. The candidate should have a supportive home environment. The agency will conduct a home study and ensure that the surrogate’s home is conducive to a stress-free pregnancy.

  • Reproductive Background

The candidate should have at least carried one successful full-term pregnancy and delivery. It is best that the candidate never had any pregnancy complications. The candidate should also have fewer done two cesarean sections and five vaginal deliveries.

  • Age

The surrogate mother’s age must be in the range between 21-45 years old. The age range would depend on the location and agency.

  • Tests

Potential surrogates will undergo a rigorous screening process. They also go through mental and physical health screenings.

The costs of a surrogacy procedure range from $90,000 to $130,000. It is a hefty amount but the money is ensured to be used for the process. The majority of the cost will be given to your surrogate who will carry your child. The cost is also dependent on your chosen agency. Just make sure that your surrogate agency has reliable and experienced experts to ensure that you are well taken care of during your journey.

Services that A Surrogate Agency Provides

Handle The Whole Process

A surrogacy agency provides multiple services. Among the provided services by an agency is to manage the entire process for the clients. This suggests that the agency will also coordinate with other surrogacy experts whose assistance is needed for the method. These professionals include surrogacy attorneys, doctors, and clinics that can do the medical tests. It is the agency’s job to mediate the deals, negotiations, and conversations with all the parties involved.

Screen Candidates For Surrogacy

An agency service will provide screening for surrogacy candidates. Usually, these agencies have made their qualifications for a surrogate mother. Once they find some candidates who pass their requirements, they might look for the right match for the intended family. They will assist the candidate with the various medical tests. The agency must also perform a course and research the candidate’s home life to determine if it's suitable. They have to make sure that the surrogate lives in a supportive environment for her pregnancy. Once the candidates are narrowed, the intended parents are often involved in picking their surrogate for them. In other cases, the agency is going to be the one who chooses for his or her clients. The screening process of the agency will include physical and psychological tests to determine if the candidate is qualified.

Coordinate Medical and Legal Factors

Depending on the agency, the intended parents may need to undergo some medical tests to work out their blood types and other factors. The surrogate will need to have medical check-ups. It is the agency’s job to make sure that the results and schedules are getting to be matched. They also coordinate with a surrogacy lawyer to write down a contract that can be helpful to both the intended parents and therefore the surrogate. The agency is additionally the one responsible for sending the payments to the surrogate.

There are many surrogate experts, clinics, and independent help which can help the intended parents. However, working with an agency is very recommended for people who are unsure about the whole process. After all, apart from the legality, medical, and other factors, surrogacy may be a process where life is being created. Surrogacy may be a complex journey that involves legal, emotional, financial, and medical factors. Without a whole team to guide the intended parents, surrogacy becomes a tedious and stressful journey.

Working with a surrogate agency isn't only advisable for the intended parents but to the surrogate also. If a surrogate chooses to seek out her clients, she isn't protected and will be vulnerable to scam. To avoid unnecessary stress, an expert can handle everything else for both the surrogate and intended parents. Knowing this necessary surrogacy information will help you go through the process without worrying about what will happen.

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