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TDP Contributions in the Successful Implementation of the Mid-day Meal Scheme

TDP Contributions in the Successful Implementation of the Mid-day Meal Scheme

The former TDP Government under the regime of Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu has brought the mid-day meal scheme for the school children in Andhra Pradesh into effect from 2nd January 2002 and under this scheme, 74.5 lakh school children have got lunch out of these, 69,44,724 are primary school students and 5,8,237 are in upper primary schools. The main intention of this TDP Policy was to provide healthy and Nutritious food to all the school children in the government schools.

Through the mid-day meal programme, TDP Government has sanctioned Rs.69.03 crore for 2002-03 and 250 crores in 2003-2004 out of which Rs.187.50 crore was released by then and under the supervision of the local TDP MLAs, some clear instructions have been issued to all the district collectors to provide proper meals to the school students.


The, then TDP government of N. Chandrababu Naidu ordered the TDP Political Leaders and officials to supply 120 grams of rice per primary school student and 125 grams per upper primary school student and for all the remaining students the rice quantity has surged from 100 gm to 125 gm. It was also decided to stick with the menu of rice and sambar till the programme gets stabilised. Eggs and bananas were provided once a week. Look into the official TDP website for similar TDP welfare schemes and the Latest news about TDP.


After the introduction of the mid-day meal scheme by the TDP Government, according to the officers and teachers who have successfully implemented this scheme under the supervision of the TDP Party Leaders, there was a huge growth in the number of students receiving mid-day meals which gradually increased. The cases of vomiting and stomach ache that occurred at the beginning of the mid-day meal scheme have gradually reduced and such cases were not recorded as before.


Even during the holidays, The Madhyam Bhojan Scheme was implemented ambitiously by the former Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and his TDP Government, which has been continued for 58 days during the summer vacation (from 5th May to 11th June 2002) with orders issued to ensure a regular supply of the required amount for the mid-day meal scheme during the summer.


The erstwhile Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu for the progress and welfare of this mid-day meal programme has increased its allocation by Rs 35 crore, up from Rs 250 crore. The TDP government had increased the input price from Rs 1.75 to Rs 2 per child for schools which has less than 50 students. For schools with 50-100 students, this has been increased from Rs 1.60 to Rs 1,75 per child and for schools with more than 100 students, to Rs 1.50 per child. This is a significant TDP Contribution towards the well-being of school children in the state.


The Ex-Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu during his  recent tenure (2014-2019) introduced the mid-day meal scheme for Intermediate students which will benefit a lot of such students across the state. Inaugurating the mid-day meals scheme in Government Junior College has benefited many students, who attend the college from far-off places there is no need for them to bring lunch boxes with them. The government issued directions to respective officials to supply quality food to the students and a total of 2,100 students of the junior college were benefitted through this mid-day meals scheme in junior colleges across the state, which is considered one of the Top TDP Achievements in this department.

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