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Posted 03/06/2023 by Hair Salon Midtown NYC

The 7 Fall HairTrends that Clients Will Love

The 7 Fall HairTrends that Clients Will Love

As the months begin to get cooler and the leaves begin changing, so will your hairstyles. In honor of the first day of fall, our expert stylists have rounded up the trending hairstyles set to take over the days filled with pumpkin spice lattes and apple picking. Overall, it seems that people are yearning for a sense of fun in their hairstyles. Colors are changing, styles today have a fun new twist on previous trends, and people are continuously looking for ways to personalize their looks.

Below, check out a few of the looks the top stylists at the Riccardo Maggiore Salon are predicting.  If you would like to get your new fall look be sure to book your appointment here, or call 212.586.6482

Cinnamon Hair: 

Rest assured, a hint of reddish-brown is surely going to make its way onto our clients’ lovely locks during the cooler months. Not only does the color match the breathtaking fall foliage, but it also adds a hint of warmth during chillier times. 

Curtain Bangs: 

Curtain bangs have moved en vogue for a variety of reasons. First, the style is extremely versatile. Whether it be fine hair or curly hair-- curtain bangs effortlessly work well with all types of hair. Second, curtain bangs complete the middle part. The style perfectly and seamlessly frames your face. 

Layered, Shaggy Hair is the new Cool: 

Do you know how French girls are known to make effortless style a chic affair? The same applies to the shaggy hairstyle.   Also known as the updated version of the mullet, this subtle style is moving back into the mainstream.  As seen during New York Fashion Week, both women and men are loving its blend of both masculine and feminine feels. They easily match any occasion and are the ultimate symbol of cool. 

Money Pieces: 

Donned by the likes of Beyonce and Dua Lipa, money pieces (also known as face-framing highlights) add a glamorous touch to any hairdo. Usually contrasting the darker hair surrounding them, money pieces illuminate any face that hint of sparkle everyone loves. 

Wavy Styles: 

Like in the summer, one can never go wrong with a wavy hairdo. It’s virtually flattering for every hair type, face, etc. And, wavy hairstyles can easily be customizable and versatile. No matter how it’s worn, wavy hairstyles continue to be the go-to for stylish locks. 

Spotlighting Highlights:

While the concept remains pretty novel, spotlighting has made its way up to one of the most popular trends of the year. Essentially, this technique adds dimension to a style by strategically adding highlights to accentuate the face, personality, and hairstyle. Now, the intensity depends on the client and stylist. Whether it’s a touch of blonde or a bright blue, clients everywhere are spotlighting their hair for a bit of fun. 

Men’s Beards are Prim and Proper: 

Men’s beards for the fall go from lumberjack to fifth avenue maven. While beards are certainly still being donned, the way they are presented is taking a new turn. Instead of growing burly and unkept, guys are opting for a cleaner, smoother look. 

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