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The acquisition may be the best chance for Activision

To start with the obvious: It is very WoTLK Gold grating for the worst actors to be rewarded in society. It's unfair. We have a cosmic sense that karma shouldn't work that way. Therefore, the attention on Kotick's pay check is completely appropriate. If the allegations concerning Kotick's own guilt for failing to take action against a culture of abuse and harassment are real, it's human to feel resentful at the notion that a huge large paycheck is headed to him as a reward for supporting the culture that is responsible for the numerous complaints of toxicity from Activision Blizzard and then stubbornly refusing to leave.

To give a ten-foot view but Bobby Kotick is already obscenely wealthy having a net worth valued at $870 million. This is a sum of wealth that's difficult to grasp. It's enough to go on for hundreds of lives without having to work a day, even before you think about how investments and interest can be able to generate all the money you'd ever need to be able to live comfortably. The massive payout that is in store for Kotick upon the conclusion of this deal isn't expected to make his life discernibly easier than it is already be. In accordance with SEC documents, Kotick would most likely receive a significant payout upwards of $260 million upon leaving the company , regardless of whether a deal had occurred or it had not. This is a classic case of the rich becoming more wealthy. He's accumulated even more wealth is frustrating as an issue of principle, not the practicality.

However, the acquisition may be the best chance for Activision Blizzard to make significant, lasting changes to working conditions and the studio's culture. Microsoft is a huge company with standardized structures that reduce workplace harassment. And we've not had any the reason why its management has not allowed for abuses similar to the ones at Activision Blizzard in severity or scale. Most of the time, Microsoft is generally a good workplace, especially when compared to the company it recently acquired buy WoTLK Gold . Having that culture in place and having it on the top of the organizational power structure should help remove bad people and create clearer expectations for how to conduct.

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