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The amount of product advertising in NBA 2K

As part of the NBA Storyline in MyCareer players will need to navigate the maze of modern sports, making the decision to keep their hands off about internal team issues or vent them via social media. This goes along with new features to help build an image outside of the court, from establishing a rap career to hanging out on the town with Jake who is from State Farm to create an strangely immersive simulation.

The amount of product advertising in NBA 2K has always been massive, and the 2K23 edition has an amount that is comical at times. However, this is more in the modern world of basketball. Professional sports are packed with pre-game shows sponsored by one company.

Half-time show shows sponsored by a different or post-game show that is sponsored hosted by a different organization. It's oddly un-branding to be able to have an NBA video game that gets the same approach, even though it could be more enjoyable without it.

The majority of the enhancements to the court and off-court games on offer in NBA 2K23 make for great playability and enjoyment, especially the seasonal quest features that provide players with ample motivation to play in the different types, with a particular focus on head-to-head competitions.

One drawback is the enormity of the two hubs. Each of them The City on current-gen and The Neighborhood (a massive cruise ship) on the previous generation are brimming with things to do. But, they are also stretched over an entirely unnecessarily large area.

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