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The best player of the New Year gift

If you choose to remain at the club, you'll be working with the coach to learn about your team's formation and the training program and try to increase your playing time. If you decide to quit or stay with the team, you'll be able complete trade rumor Quest.Why pick a different team? In the event that you choose to trade your team and quit the team, you will control playing time.Suppose you are selected as the power forward of the Los Angeles Lakers. But LeBron James on the team already plays this position and you can take his place on the field. Also, trading with a new team might help you be more successful playing on the court.If you do decide to trade there are many teams that you can choose from, which can allow your character to be in the most optimal condition. But keep in mind that everything you do here is because you're looking to get more playing time. However, it does not mean you'll win more wins.

With the release of the NBA 2K23 New Year's Resolution Pack, MyTeam players will have the chance to get the latest Galaxy Opal players card. Continuously improving the lineup of the team is vital to keep the team competitive, and the players in the package will help the section.2K's new New Year's Resolution Pack comes with two Galaxy Opal player cards and some pink diamond players to select from. All of the cards are EVO cards. Diamonds and less can increase the level of gems by EVO. PD and get new badges. Plus, you can get ratings.

The best player of the New Year gift packageLuka Doncic - SG/SF - Galaxy Opal - 97 OVRZion Williamson - PF/C Galaxy Opal - 97 OVRDwyane Wade - SG/PG - Pink Diamond - 95 OVRShaquille O'Neal C - Pink Diamond - 95 OVRIn the latest version of the package, players can continue to upgrade, and those who play diamonds can upgrade to pink diamonds, which means they're full of potential and value. It's because these players have the potential for improvement that they can become the most popular. This package also is costly. The player prices at the auction house are not very affordable. If you want to get them, please prepare enough NBA 2K23 MT.Some player auction pricesLuka Doncic-SG/SF-Galaxy Opal-97 OVR-300K MTZion Williamson-PF/C-Galaxy Opal-97 OVR-175K MTDwyane Wade-SG/PG-Pink Diamond-95 OVR-115K MTShaquille O'Neal-C-Pink Diamond-95 OVR-100K MTIf a particular player is not suitable for your team, you can send them to the auction at any time and earn some MT.Follow NBA2king.COM to get more locker code information.

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