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The best solutions for sharing large files online

Share files online or transfer big files online is a recurring need within companies. However, due to the limitation of the size of files attached to an email, this is not always possible. Fortunately, today there are many solutions for sending and sharing large files of all kinds: professional documents, videos, photos, etc. 

At sendbig.com, our file-sharing guides show how essential these solutions are to the development of a company's business.

What is file sharing?

Share files online is a way to save and send large files that you couldn't just add as an email attachment. The maximum size of attached files is often exceeded and sending is not possible. Files are generally stored in the cloud and made available by the sharing software used. This form of online file sharing is a good way to protect a company's administrative documents, but also videos, photos, music, etc. There are many large file transfer solutions out there, some free and some paid, depending on the services and storage capacity offered.

What is the interest of the company?

Storing and sharing files online has various advantages. It is above all a good way to protect your data on the internet. This online storage of your data (professional documents, videos, photos, etc.) can indeed be very useful in the event of a breakdown or damage to your computer equipment. It is also easy to access your files online from any computer or mobile device (smartphone, tablet) provided you have an internet connection.

Finally, transfer files online system is very convenient to easily share large files, videos, and photos with your co-workers, friends, or family.

How to send large files?

Knowing that messaging systems generally block attachments that are too large, large file transfer software is then the most practical solution for sending a large file to its recipient. The solution generally consists of going through a free or paid file host to store and share the files by transmitting, for example, a download link.

There are many large file-sharing tools that make it easy to transfer several GB of data with just a few clicks. Often free, they can be paid for to have access to greater storage capacity.

Advantages of Free File sharing software:

To find out how to send large files over the internet for free, simply turn to a free online file-sharing software or site. There are many free file-sharing solutions today. The most famous among them are sendbig.com.

The main advantage of share files free software is its price, since this version is completely free. You can use it much longer than the free trial month offered by some paid software.

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