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The Congee Feast of Chaff Women

"Sister Sanyuan, I'm sorry." I'm giving you trouble. Wu Lin lowered his eyes like a child who had made a mistake. Li Sanyuan instinctively blurted out, "Oh?"? Is it? ' Wu Lin was stunned, then laughed again, broke his fingers, and looked at Lu Kun with some pity. All right, it's getting late. I'll take you down. Lu Kun put on his clothes and patted Wu Lin on the shoulder to signal her to go down. That Goodbye, Sister Sanyuan. Wu Lin said softly. Uh Li Sanyuan should be out of a sentence in the dull. Lu Kun sent people to send more than half an hour, in this more than half an hour Li Sanyuan Wu Lin leaned on the mat severely dusted, Wu Lin ate the melon skin debris clean up, she carefully in the heart check, Wu Lin ate a red apple, seven beef jerky, two walnut shortcake. When Lu Kun came back, he saw Li Sanyuan squatting in the kitchen and looking at a trash can. He coughed lightly. Li Sanyuan got up and turned to Lu Kun. Why did she come? "Huh?" "I said why did she come to our house?" Li Sanyuan looked at Lu Kun seriously. Oh Lu Kun threw down the key and looked at Li Sanyuan lazily. "Something happened to her." "What is it?" "I can't tell you clearly." "What is it?" Li Sanyuan repeated again. Lu Kun sighed and reached out to pull Li Sanyuan and kissed her on her forehead. Sanyuan, Wu Lin did have something to do, and she didn't know anyone else, so she had to come to me, the eldest brother. Don't say it. She didn't dare to come up just now. She said she was sorry. "What happened to her?" Li Sanyuan still wants to ask, she must ask a reason to come. Lu Kun loosened Li Sanyuan, took out the cigarette case in his arms, lightly pulled out one and played with it in his hand, slowly telling Li Sanyuan about Wu Lin's troubles. Wu Lin was bullied by the old tutor who had always wanted to take advantage of her. The old tutor detained one of her oil paintings and handed it over to the exhibition. The following signature was the name of the old tutor. It is said that Wu Lin's talent for painting is very high. At that time, Lu Kun was attracted by one of her oil paintings. The oil painting was very simple. It was a boat moored at the dock. As the sun set, there was golden light in the water,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, fragrant grass banks, ducks, egrets, fishermen and urchins in the distance. It simply painted the sound of the water town, the grey walls and tiles. Lu Kun was stunned at that time. He thought it should be the work of a club. Later, when he found out that it was the work of a student in school, he became more curious. He asked someone to find Wu Lin. The first time he met her, he fell in love with this pure girl. He felt that she had something that Li Sanyuan could not reach. Such a thing happened to her. Li Sanyuan murmured. Well, she's a stranger here, and no one says anything. It's pitiful. Lu Kun said. Don't you still have you? Li Sanyuan said neither Yin nor Yang. Lu Kun smiled heartily: "Do you have a grudge against her?" "Lu Kun, anyway, you shouldn't bring her home. You can talk outside." Li Sanyuan looked directly at Lu Kun and said what she thought. She was really angry, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Kava Root Extract, to be exact, very angry. Lu Kun looked at Li Sanyuan quietly for a long time, and then smiled: "Well, it won't happen again." The author has something to say: Lu Kun is not the leading actor. Let's leave a message. Happy New Year ~ ~ Such a scoundrel After Li Sanyuan thought about it carefully, he came to a conclusion: in fact, Lu Kun was still good to himself. Several of his colleagues also said that Lu Kun was elegant, had a house and a car, and had a funny conversation. He was a good husband who was not easy to get. No man will be perfect, Li Sanyuan mercilessly reminded herself that she had to find the source of the problem from herself. She looked for it carefully. She was really sloppy in recent days. Her body lacked exercise and her waistline was plump. She looked in the mirror, checked the recent performance of her skin, and studied her black-framed glasses hard. She couldn't find anything serious, so she finally put them on. In the evening, Li Sanyuan made Lu Kun's favorite shrimp meatballs. This shrimp meatball took a lot of effort to make. The shrimp meat had to be handled very clean, without a little sand. There were tofu stuffing and water chestnut foam in it. Lu Kun could eat more than ten in one breath, but the manual process was extremely tedious. A table of dishes finished, until ten o'clock, Lu Kun still did not come back, Li Sanyuan called the past has been busy tone, she bent over the table to turn over the National Geographic again and again, yawning, and put the bowl of golden shrimp meatballs into the microwave oven to heat up. The doorbell rang and Lu Kun came back. The moment Li Sanyuan saw Lu Kun, he was startled. There was something red and purple on Lu Kun's lower cheekbone. The corners of his mouth were scratched and a little blood oozed out. He was carrying a box of fresh milk pudding in his hand. He squeezed out a smile and said to Li Sanyuan, "Do you want to eat?" "What's the matter with you?" Li Sanyuan hurriedly straightened Lu Kun's face and looked at it again and again. "What happened to your face?" "It's okay." "No, you have something." Li Sanyuan held Lu Kun's face in both hands, full of pity. It's all right. Lu Kun smiled and kissed Li Sanyuan's forehead. He obviously didn't want to mention it. No matter how stupid Li Sanyuan was, she knew that Lu Kun had fought with others. She was so nervous that she didn't know who Lu Kun had offended. Although the nature of Lu Kun's work had always been dangerous with some blood, he looked very strong, with rough skin and flesh. He spoke boldly, and there were a group of little brothers under him. It seemed that the wind and rain could not penetrate. Gradually, Li Sanyuan was not worried, but today he was injured. Came back with a red and purple face. Lu Kun is smoking, constantly smoking, he did not take off his leather coat, lying on the sofa, looking at the ceiling, as if thinking about something, Li Sanyuan in the room to find medicine, hot water, prepare hot towels. Li Sanyuan put a hot towel on Lu Kun's face, and as soon as he reached out, he was caught by Lu Kun. Lu Kun grabbed Li Sanyuan's hand like this,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, looking at him, looking at the woman who belonged to him, looking and examining. For a long time. What's the matter? Li Sanyuan is suspicious. Nothing. Lu Kun loosened Li Sanyuan's hand and casually pulled a cushion over his face. pioneer-biotech.com

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