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The Impact of Home Health Care On Hospital Readmissions

Be first home health care has become an increasingly popular option for 

individuals who require medical care but prefer to recover in the comfort of their homes. One significant benefit of home healthcare is the potential to reduce hospital readmissions, which can significantly impact both the patient and the healthcare system. In this blog, we will examine the effect of home health care on hospital readmissions.

Reducing The Risk And Improving Outcomes With Be First Home Health


Hospital readmissions can be costly and have significant impacts on patient health. Discover how first health home health care can reduce the risk of readmissions and improve outcomes through ongoing medical care, medication management, and support for recovery at home.


What Are Hospital Readmissions?


Hospital readmissions occur when a patient is readmitted to the hospital within a certain period after being discharged. These readmissions can be costly and increase the risk of complications and infections. The most common reasons for hospital readmissions include medication errors, poor follow-up care, and inadequate home care.


How Can Home Health Care Help?


Be first home health care can play a critical role in reducing hospital readmissions. Here are some ways in which home health care can help:


  • Ensuring Proper Medication Management

One of the most significant challenges for patients who have been discharged from the hospital is managing their medications. Be first home health care providers can help patients to properly manage their medications, ensuring that they take the right medications at the right time and in the correct dosage.

  • Providing Ongoing Medical Care

Be first home health care providers can provide ongoing medical care for patients, such as monitoring vital signs, managing wounds, and administering medications. This can help to catch any potential issues early on before they escalate and require hospitalization.


  • Supporting Recovery At Home


Recovering at home can be challenging for patients, especially those who are elderly or have mobility issues. Home health care providers can help patients with activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing, and provide physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

  • Coordinating Follow-Up Care

After being released from the hospital, patients often need follow-up care with their primary care physician or specialist.Be first home health care providers can coordinate this care, ensuring that patients attend appointments and receive the care they need to recover fully.


The Impact Of Home Health Care On Hospital Readmissions


Research has shown that be first home health care can have a significant impact on reducing hospital readmissions. One study found that home health care reduced the risk of hospital readmissions by 25% within 30 days of discharge. Another study found that home health care reduced the risk of readmission within 60 days by 20%. By reducing hospital readmissions, home health care can help to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.


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Hospital readmissions can be costly and significantly impact patients' health and well-being. Home health care can play a critical role in reducing hospital readmissions. In case you or any known person are facing a hospital discharge, consider exploring the option of home health care as part of your recovery plan. You can connect with the experts for senior care in Yardley, PA, at First Home Health Care, Inc. They are known for providing top-notch services to clients. 

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