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The Important Things To Know Before You Play FIFA 23

The Important Things To Know Before You Play FIFA 23

EA’s latest football FIFA 23, offers plenty of bang for you, from carving out a career mode to steering Ultimate Team to annual glory to FIFA 23’s excellent Women’s online mode. So you need to keep some top FIFA 23 tips to hand that will have you skating in the right direction throughout this unconventional season. Enough talk: let’s dish out FIFA 23 tips you need in your locker.

Master The New Acceleration System

Acceleration System, which is a part of Hypermotion 2.0, is an all-new feature in FIFA 23’s engine and has revolutionized the way the meta works in the game. It separates players into three categories based on their body type and movement patterns.

Explosive - These players are rapid over a short distance and can use these bursts of speed to leave defenders behind. They are extremely agile and nimble on the ball but lack in the physicality department.
Lengthy - These players are not as rapid as explosive players about short bursts of speed but can catch up to anyone across longer distances. They make up for what they lack in raw pace with their sheer domineering physical presence.
Controlled - Any footballer who does not qualify as either an explosive or lengthy player falls in this category, offering a balanced playstyle.

Master New Set-Pieces

FIFA 23 is set to totally revamp the way players take set pieces, giving them more control than ever before. The aiming reticle players have become accustomed to is gone, replaced by a more precise line that shows you the initial flight of the ball. The left stick moves the line, allowing you to direct the shot into the corner of the net with pinpoint accuracy. Meanwhile, the right stick adjusts where the taker will strike the ball, affecting the spin and type of shot.

It feels more like a snooker or golf game but opens up many more delivery styles, such as knuckleballs. These systems offer greater nuance than in FIFA 22 but require patience – so stick with them.

Play New Women Teams

Play the knockout stage of the UWCL in FIFA 23 from early 2023, with clubs including Juventus Women, Real Madrid Femenino, Chelsea Women, Manchester City Women, Olympique Lyonnais Féminin, Paris Saint-Germain Féminine and more. But, they do not have the sweaty pace of Kylian Mbappe ( 1,264,000 FIFA 23 Fut Coins), the unstoppable FIFA 23 skill moves of Lionel Messi - making all-female matches fascinatingly tactical and competitive.

They actually change how you play. There are plenty of talented female players on the show. Seriously, give them a try, especially if you’re keen on local multiplayer.

Focus On Chemistry

Chemistry in FIFA 23 works dramatically differently from previous games in the series, but it remains one of the most important aspects of Ultimate Team you need to master. FIFA 23 ditches the previous line-based Chemistry system for a brand new Chemistry system, meaning players can link up across the pitch.

As ever, you can further improve their stats using FIFA 23 chemistry styles. Also retooled are Position Modifiers: rather than move a player up and down the pitch, you can now only switch them to a real-life alternate position. So the days of Mbappe at CM are over - but you can change him to a CF or LW.

Real Managers

EA has introduced a new feature to the Manager Career mode, Authentic Managers. Managers will act as staff items in FUT 23, representing team coaches for your FUT squads. With a manager added to your squad, your team will also have better chemistry and contract bonuses. Manager cards are based on real-life managers.

There are more than 350 authentic managers in the game, all with real names and likenesses but only 31 with real faces. Among those 31, we can find the likes of Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte, Andrea Pirlo, and even Ted Lasso, the fictional manager of AFC Richmond.

It ends here. For more FIFA 23 tips, please browse our game hub.

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