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The Irrigation Sector With Potential Developments By TDP

The Irrigation Sector With Potential Developments By TDP

Andhra Pradesh is a primarily agricultural state. For 70 percent of the population, agriculture is the source of livelihood. Water is most important for agriculture. Where water is abundant

If there is, the respective areas will be developed. Equally backward with developed areas. The mission of the Telugu Desam government is to create the regions. That is why the Telugu Desam Government's irrigation Gives utmost priority to the sector. Under the government of Telugu Desam between 1994-2009 10.69 lakh acres have been newly irrigated. Moreover, A gap of 18 lakh acres stabilized the embankment. That is the Congress party Only 1.60 lakh acres in the five years between 1989-94 under the regime Only in addition have come under cultivation.


Looking at the budget allocation for the irrigation sector, between 1989-94, the Congress government allocated less than 2400 crore rupees, while from 1994 till now, the Telugu Desam government has spent around 8,900 crores. The Telugu Desam government gave top priority to the minor irrigation sector which was neglected during the Congress regime. Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu is a visionary who is obsessed with efficiency and technology. Under TDP Government the state of Andhra Pradesh went through the most significant development in the history of the state. The TDP Leaders who worked for the people and the limitations of the state government helped the state achieve many development programs and this led to many projects which allowed the state of Andhra Pradesh where it is now.


The Telugu Desam government is undertaking several lifting projects, including water dams, to utilize Godavari, which is wasted by the sea. "Godavari River Water Utilization Corporation" has been set up to solve the inter-state problems faced in the construction of projects. Our state has been facing severe water stress for the last two years due to the construction of several projects along with Alamatti in the upper reaches of the Krishna river. In this regard, the local Congress leaders are also divided in ways that may disturb the prosperity of the state. Local Congress leaders are not cooperating with the government's efforts to release 50 TMC water from Karnataka.  The TDP Contributions made by the government have become Top TDP Achievements.


Telugudesam government has obtained central government approvals for several pending projects, including Devada. Moreover, it is working tirelessly to get loan assistance from domestic and foreign financial institutions to enable the project to be carried out. For Devada and other projects proposed to utilize Godavari waters, the country of Austria has provided financial assistance. "Willingness to deliver. These efforts are given good results.


At the same time, The government also organizes water awareness trips to make people aware of the priorities organized. Water conservation through various schemes the government is giving special priority to the works.

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