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The most powerful son-in-law in history

Gao Yingxi pointed to the mountainside and said, "Do you see a slope in that place?"? Take your troops to guard there, and pay attention to the crossbow support when the brothers are fighting in front. Bai Yutang heart suddenly unhappy, that is the second line of defense. According to Bai Yutang's idea, how should he be a vanguard and so on, wait until the Dangxiang army rushed over, shake out a bag of darts, hit him a man upside down, that is worthy of the name of Bai Wuye. But he had been in the army for so many days, and he knew that obeying orders was the first priority, so he glared at Gao Yingxi ferociously: "You boy, wait for me, and I'll take care of you after the battle." Gao Yingxi ignored him and put the team in three lines of defense. The first line of defense consisted of two teams under the unified command of Wu Ming. The second line of defense was the team led by Bai Yutang and Liang Huaiji, two guys who had never been on the battlefield. As for his bitterest dog, he stayed at the back. In fact, he thought that two lines of defense were enough, the terrain here was very good, and he was able to defend himself with three hundred men until the reinforcements came. But Shangguan said, let these two people see the battlefield. This is not a bad thing, at least two hundred more brothers come out. He finally stopped at Wu Ming's side: "Brother, the front is for you, and I will show you in the back.". Remember, fight and retreat, don't carry it to death. Wu Ming smiled: "Don't worry.". When will the reinforcements come? Gao Yingxi thought for a moment: "About an hour. It won't take long.". This time Li yuanhao came with five thousand men, and the general said that if we fought well, this might be our last battle. Wu Ming sighed and said nothing. But Gao Yingxi understood what he meant. So many brothers had died before and after. If Li yuanhao could be defeated, it would be an account for all the brothers. Suddenly there was a rush of hooves in front of him. Gao Yingxi put away his thoughts and patted Wu Ming on the shoulder. "Be careful." The horn of desolation resounded throughout the mountain depression, and the eyes of the Dangxiang soldiers, who had the strength to fight by eating human flesh, looked like wolves, with a faint green light. There are really not many people left for Li yuanhao, but the rest are the essence. These people are alive today not only because they are lucky, but also because they are elite, elite of elite. The terrain here is not conducive to the cavalry charge, also due to the limitations of mountain roads, the advantage of long-range shooting of crossbow arrows can not be brought into play. As soon as the two sides met, they were already in the place of a stone's throw. A row of Song troops had already erected the shield wall high, and the Dangxiang people also hung shields on the horse's head. The two sides have not yet contact, the crossbow on the overwhelming shot over. Bai Yutang looked silly at the top. Now he knew that the bag of darts in his pocket was all superfluous. The arrows of the battlefield were like locusts. He was sure that even if the leader of the Wulin Alliance came, he would be shot into a hedgehog. Chapter 483 debts owed. Chapter 483 debts owed. But the Song army blocked the enemy's shooting, not by their agility, Industrial pallet rack , but by the integrity of the shield wall. Similarly, most of the Dangxiang people blocked the first wave of bows and arrows of the Song army, relying on the formation. The Dangxiang man who rushed to the front hung his shield on the horse's head, and the one behind him held it on his head. Looking down from above, the whole team was like a moving giant shield, hitting the vertical shield wall of the Song army. Bai Yutang swallowed a mouthful of spit and looked at the Dangxiang big array, which was much bigger than the small array on his side. He suddenly felt a little nervous. That Wu Ming did not have the slightest panic, let the enemy close to some, and then crossbow, palm thunder, one after another weapons rotation. In front of his small phalanx, the shield that the Dangxiang people were smashing collapsed rapidly, which looked very spectacular from the perspective of Bai Yutang. Wu Ming actually felt very uncomfortable, the most powerful weapon of the Song army is the crossbow, compared to the bow and arrow of the Dangxiang people, the crossbow of the Song army is not only very fast, but also has a long range. But the distance between the two armies is too close, there is no way to play the range advantage of the crossbow, which makes Wu Ming feel that Song Jun broke an arm, although temporarily able to resist the enemy's offensive, but more and more laborious. Palm thunder and crossbow these things need to prepare time, especially the crossbow, the crossbow is quite slow. As the battle goes on, the opponent can also cause damage to Wu Ming's team with bows and arrows. After killing more than two hundred people, Wu Ming found that the shield wall began to appear loopholes, which meant that the enemy's attack had become more and more fierce, and he immediately waved his hand: "Cover retreat." There were only two hundred people around him, and if he let the other side rush over, a charge would be all over. So he had to retreat, use the slope of the hill to limit the speed of the other side's cavalry, and use the support of his teammates behind him to help him destroy more enemies. The first contact between the two sides ended with the victory of the Dangxiang people, who paid the price of more than 200 people to open the road. But the battle is just the beginning, because the crossbows of the Song army on the mountain can completely destroy any enemy who wants to pass through this road, they want to go there, they must kill the Song army above. When Wu Ming retreated to Liang Huaiji's side, he looked a little embarrassed, his hat was crooked, and his trousers were torn off. But when he saw Liang Huaiji, he actually smiled: "Too careless.". These boys were so good with their bows and arrows that they almost left me down there. Liang Huaiji went to the battlefield for the first time, and he was really a man without eggs. He didn't understand why Wu Ming could laugh at this time. Wu Ming tied up his trousers and said, "Line up again. The enemy will come up soon. The gun array." Just as Liang Huaiji was about to say something, Wu Ming asked again, "How is it, brother?"? War isn't fun, is it? Are you a little scared? Liang Huaiji nodded first, then shook his head, and finally nodded again. Wu Ming smiled: "Actually, it's nothing. You will get used to it after two battles. I tell you that your brothers are all good. You don't have to do anything. Let them arrange their own formations to ensure that there is no problem." 。 omracking.com

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