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The move to the Achievement is likely to be popular

The first installment of the Afterlives series is titled Bastion. It's not an animated short , but more of slideshows, where still images that are interspersed by narration and the exposition. The story follows a man who was betrayed by a student and, once he gains power from a Convent and seeking revenge, he decides to take it back. It's quite dramatic.

Blizzard issued a fix on May 4th that finally brought it possible that School of hard Knocks is no longer required to be an element of For the Children. The School of Hard Knocks will still be an Achievement but it's not associated with any higher achievement or reward. Children's Week is currently in full swing. Children's Week event is currently playing in-game, and will last through May 9th.

What is it that made School of Hard Knocks so difficult for mount collectors and Achievement hunters? It's because the Achievement demands players to perform feats of PvP over time during the annual one week Children's Week event that aren't so easy as grabbing killed or winning games. It requires players to accomplish tasks like capturing the enemy's flag in a particular game mode or take on the Tower as part of the Alterac Valley gametype with their adopting Children's Week orphan in toe.

Although PvP has been an integral part of WoW since the very beginning, it's an entirely aspect of the game that significant portions of the players don't interact with. PvE players who were trying to finish the Achievement did not want to engage in PvP, and were unsure of how to proceed, and PvP players who were dedicated found themselves frustrated with the number of brand new, inexperienced players who joined matches just to get an Achievement. In the end, many PvE-focused players simply gave up on ever getting their Violet Proto-Drake.

The move to the Achievement is likely to be popular and comes at a point where Blizzard is more open to feedback from players than ever before, after making important changes to the system that are not well-liked in patches 9.1.5 as well as patch 9.2 of Shadowlands. It took a massive disappointing expansion, and a lengthy list of investigations and lawsuits to reach this point, Blizzard recently created a WoW Community Council in order to collect more precise feedback from players.

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