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The next couple of months worth of planned upgrades of Lost Ark

Therefore it is expected that you can expect that Lost Ark Gold Guardian Raid - Deskaluda and Legion Raid - Valtan quests are scheduled to release in May.Other items added to the game will be Trial Guardian Raids and general bug corrections. Take a look at the full blog post for all the details.Our Lost Ark review stated that the combat's flashy style eventually wears thin, which is why this new content is a welcome addition for long-term players.

Lost Ark roadmap reveals the next two classes

The next couple of months worth of planned upgrades of Lost Ark have been revealed in a blog post(opens in new tab). The most intriguing additions to the game are two new advanced classes. One of them, set to debut in April will be the glaivier class, fighter who fights with polearms (in the Korean version she's referred to as a lance master). The glaivier switch between a flurry posture using the spear, as well as a focal posture with a longer glaive. They can also summon whirlwinds and even teleport. In May she'll be joined by the destroyer, a warrior equipped with an unimaginably huge hammer that is capable of hitting the ground with such force that it launches rock spikes(opens in new tab) that strike enemies. Also, his hammer shoots best place to buy Lost Ark Gold lightning.

The April update adds an additional continent to quest in called South Vern, which was an uninhabited area until the colonists used technology that was borrowed to transform it into a green. It is required to be at item 1340 in level to go into South Vern. Skins and events in the game are coming too along with a different method to raise a character's stats to the next level: "a Feiton powerpass that provides item level 960 gear to level your new Glaivier or any other character you'd like!"

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