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The objectives in missions depend on the game mode

Thankfully, the interface has been overhauled to make the game a lot more accessible. Before, it helped if you knew the difference between an M60 and an M1 to figure out what to requisition, but now there are simply three classes of units: light, medium, and heavy. For instance, light Warcraft are the cheapest but also the weakest; however, the advantage is that you can requisition a lot of them. Medium Warcraft are more powerful, but they're also pricier, so you get them in smaller numbers. Finally, heavy Warcraft are the monsters of the battlefield, but they're so expensive that can only have two or three of them at any one time. It's a logical system, and it eliminates the need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of 1980s military equipment to understand the game.

This system also helps balance the game. Sure, there's a temptation to load up on the heaviest of units, but those are so expensive that you only get a handful of them. The best teams that we saw playing the beta had a mix of light, medium, and heavy units. For instance, a light scout helicopter is perfect for locating enemy positions, while a bunch of medium artillery can provide fire support much more rapidly than slower, heavier units. This sort of illustrates the conundrum that strategists faced in the Cold War. The Soviet Union had the bigger military, but the West had the more advanced military. So is quantity a quality? Or does quality offset quantity? The game is so well balanced that it really seems to depend on the tactics and coordination that your team exhibits.

The objectives in missions depend on the game mode, but generally, it's not enough to simply kill the enemy. After all, both sides can reinforce constantly. If your units are destroyed, their requisition points trickle back to your reinforcement pool, so you can simply order up new units. These units are then delivered seconds later from a huge, lumbering transport swooping low over the battlefield. Much of the time, the goal is to seize objectives on the map.

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