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Posted 08/17/2023 by Credas Migrations

The Portugal Golden Visa Program - Its Benefits, Working and More

The Portugal Golden Visa Program - Its Benefits, Working and More

The Portugal Golden Visa Program offers a five-year residency opportunity through investment, tailored for individuals from non-EU countries. This residency permit not only grants the privilege of residing, working, and studying within Portugal but also facilitates seamless travel across the Schengen Area in Europe. Moreover, participants are only required to spend an average of seven days annually in Portugal during this duration, which can contribute towards meeting the criteria for citizenship eligibility after five years.


How the Golden Visa Program Works?


At the core of the Golden Visa scheme is the concept of investment. As an investor, you get to invest in multiple areas, such as job creation, capital transfer, real estate, or supporting artistic and cultural endeavors. Each route comes with unique opportunities, allowing individuals to invest as per their preferences and objectives.


The Advantages of the Portugal Golden Visa Program


The Portugal Golden Visa benefits go beyond being a simple residency chance; it's like holding a key that opens up a treasure trove of advantages. Imagine having the freedom to explore the entire Schengen Area, gaining access to top-notch Portuguese healthcare and education. And that's not all – down the road, there's even the potential for permanent residency and citizenship. 


Who Qualifies to Apply for a Golden Visa in Portugal?


To qualify for a Portugal Golden Visa, you need to meet these prerequisites:


●          Age Requirement: You should be at least 18 years old.

●          Substantial Investment: You're required to make a noteworthy investment that positively contributes to Portugal's economy.

●          Clean Record: A clean criminal history is a must.

●          Legitimate Ownership: The funds you plan to invest should be legitimately owned by you.

●          Long-Term Commitment: You're expected to uphold the investment for a minimum of five more years.


Who Can Apply for a Portugal Golden Visa in Your Family?


The following family members are eligible to apply for a Golden Visa Scheme in Portugal:


●          Your spouse or partner.

●          Children below 18 years of age.

●          Siblings under 18, either yours or your partner's, given you have legal custody.

●          Dependent parents (aged 55 or above) of you or your spouse/partner, with necessary documentation unless they're older than 65.

●          Financially dependent adult children above 18 who are unmarried and pursuing full-time education.


Each included family member will be granted a Portuguese residence permit card, entitling them to the same privileges and rights as you.


The Role of Golden Visa in Economic Growth


While this Portugal Golden Visa Program comes with several number of individual benefits, it also helps in boosting the growth of an economy. This program attracts international investment and creates job opportunities, thereby contributing to Portugal's economic resilience and global competitiveness.


In Conclusion: Embracing the Golden Opportunity


As we conclude the article, we would like to say that this golden visa Portugal news comes with a myriad of benefits. It gives an opportunity for people to become a part of Portugal's story of growth and innovation by making investments. They can not only secure the future of their families but also contribute to the economic and cultural growth of Portugal.


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