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The Ravens broke the grading curve with regard

Outside of the FBS, there is plenty of Madden NFL 23 talent to be found. Some of the players like Darius Leonard, Cooper Kupp and David Johnson have all come from the FCS ranks which is dominated, by far, by the North Dakota State Bison. Actually, North Dakota State would be ranked 10th of all programs in the Power 5. putting them right on the same level as the best Group of 5 programs in terms of developing Madden NFL 23 talent.

In the top 35 small school programs, which include the FCS, Division II and Division III, 32 of those squads are FCS programs. They are also the lower classification of Division I football.

All of these numbers were calculated by indexing teams into the conferences they played in during the 2021 college football season. With all the changes in realignment, specifically in the Big 12. SEC, AAC, Sun Belt and Conference USA, though, it's worth looking at how the change will impact prospect production for individual conferences once the dust is laid.

The main beneficiaries from this wave of realignment, not surprisingly most notably, is the SEC, which is adding Oklahoma and Texas as well as it's the Sun Belt, which poached the top end of Conference USA. What's interesting, though, is the Big 12. after adding Cincinnati, BYU, Houston and UCF will actually suffer more in the process of realignment, from a Madden NFL 23 talent perspective in comparison to other conferences, such as the AAC or Conference USA, who are the biggest losers in the shifting college football landscape.

The Ravens broke the grading curve with regard to this year's Madden NFL 23 Draft. It was a class so rich in its value that I was left staring at it, wondering if it was too cheesy to assign their players an "S" rank, as if they perfected levels in a video game. It wasn't only the decision to use sliding players that set this class apart, but all the smaller choices along the way that increased their game and enabled Baltimore to be crowned not only as the best team in Madden NFL 23. but one of the best in the last decade. 

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