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The suit also details the trauma that was caused by the incident

In addition , the lawyer said that seven additional women were filing suits against Watson. On the following day, March 18. the third most serious lawsuit of Watson was filed. A massage therapist accused Watson sexually physically assaulted her at an office building in December of 2020. requiring her to engage in oral sex with Watson.

According to information from the lawsuit, it is claimed that the masseuse, currently living in Oregon was "coerced and intimidated" by Watson to "move her mouth toward his penis and force Plaintiff to engage in oral sex with him. Plaintiff was not averse to any of this conduct. Plaintiff blacked out briefly from the anxiety."

The suit also details the trauma that was caused by the incident. Following the third suit , Madden NFL 23 began to act, assigning senior VP Lisa Friel as lead investigator into the incident. Friel most recently took similar roles for the league in 2019 investigating allegations made against the receiver Antonio Brown. However, details of the league's "probe" on Watson were a bit hazy and did not provide details of the procedure for conducting it, or whether Watson would be suspended from the team's activities until the conclusion of the investigation. The investigation is still in progress.

Buzbee Announces that more women are coming forward with personal stories

On March 19 Buzbee confirmed that additional women had contacted his office wake of the previous three accusations. Nine more suits were filed and the number of suits increased to twelve -- and the attorney noted that 22 women were in touch with his office, claiming they had been harassed or assaulted by the Texans' quarterback.

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